Sparkle & Shine in Stone Embroidered Wear

Sparkle & Shine in Stone Embroidered Wear

Stone work embroidery designs are some of the best ways for designers to make a garment heavier and richer. Stone work embroidery refers to using different colored stones to embellish the garment and add to the embroidery patterns that are already created there.

While certain attires may have both, embroidery and stone work along the different portions of it, it is not uncommon to find salwar suits and sarees with only stone work that creates the embroidery pattern as well. These stones are usually regular stones and not semi-precious.

When it comes to sarees that incorporate this method, hand embroidery stone work designs are the most popular as they are meticulously created. Due to the vast effort that goes into creating these designs and ultimately the sarees, these are slightly more expensive than machine made drapes.

Stone Work Blouse

However, they are also considered to be more precious and exquisite which, for many women, makes them completely worth the additional expense. The embroidery stone work designs are usually quite intricately created, which adds to the value of the attires. Some of these sarees have what one may call heavy embroidery. Stone work tends to vary as per the designer, the intended richness of the attires as well as the cuts and styles that the garment comes in.

When looking at embroidery designs with stone work are available in different kinds of designs. While some can be nature based designs such as leaves, flowers, vines, trees or birds and animals, others are available in geometric shapes as well as abstract ones.

red-stone-work-saree royal-blue-stone-work-saree

Therefore, there certainly is a wide variety of options to choose from and these can appeal to almost everyone, no matter what their taste and preferences when it comes to fashion choices are. The same can be said about hand embroidery stone work as well. This kind of embroidery can be created on a variety of different fabrics such as cotton, cotton silk, chanderi, velvet, wool, linen and silk.

The fabric is usually chosen at the discretion of the designer and is decided on the basis of the type of garment created or cuts and styles that are going to be used. When it comes to creating a variety of embroidery designs, stone work is a great option because it works well. This kind of work is exquisite and also highly popular.

More and more women choose to purchase sarees with stone work embroidery for formal events or night based events. This is mainly because the glittering effect of these sarees looks more appropriate at night when it can really stand out. Having said that, some of these sarees are also appropriate for day wear and it really is a personal choice.

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An easy way to make this choice is to understand the amount of embroidery that is done while also taking into consideration the style, colors and cut of the garment. This can help one determine what you wear and when.

With stone work embroidery designs, salwar kameez that are meant for the day or for casual events usually have lighter embroidery work done on them along with using smaller stones. These glint when catching the reflection of light but are not as sparkly as the heavier versions of salwar kameezwith this.

On the other hand, salwar kameezmade from formal events or night based events will have heavier embroidery work on them. These will also use larger stones on them which sparkle. They will also be slightly heavier in terms of weight. The colors of the fabric may be a bit darker.

Style tips

The key to styling with stone work embroidery is to not overdo the styling part. It is essential to understand that the embroidery itself is meant to be the hero of the ensemble and therefore, should not be overshadowed. Apart from this intent, it is also important to understand that overdoing the styling while wearing a garment with this type of embroidery can lead to creating a very crass or loud aesthetic, which may just not be what you’re going for in the first place. Thus, the first step is to analyse your own garment.


Pairing a cutdana handbag with stone work can look quite interesting as it will tie in the aesthetic together neatly. However, a solid colored bag or plainer bag can also look great and is advisable. The footwear depends entirely on the outfit being worn.

When wearing a saree, it is always better to wear high heeled shoes because they compliment the fall of the saree and the height of the woman who is wearing it. On the other hand, other attires such as anarkali suits can be worn with flat V shaped footwear as well. Indian or western jewelry works.