Fantastic Bagh Print Sarees

Fantastic Bagh Print Sarees

Originating from the Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh, bagh print sarees are named after the Bagh village in this area. This basically refers to a highly traditional style of hand block printing. It is used to create a variety of motifs and patterns onto different fabrics to create beautiful garments. This style of designing sarees was born when a faction of artisans from the Muslim Khatri community migrated in 1962 from Manawar, a nearby district, to Bagh. Interestingly, these people were originally from Sindh and had migrated to Marwad in Rajasthan before continuing to migrate on. It should also be noted that about 80% of the adivasi population in the area was already practicing this form of art. However, because of the lure of synthetic garments that turned out to be a little more lucrative than regional clothing was. Ismail Khatri, on the other hand, decided to stick to this form of art and kept trying to redefine it to make it more relevant to people all over India, which eventually led to the development of a more modern style of this saree, which is worn prominently across India. He created close to 300 brand new blocks based on ancient cave paintings as well as the art work on the Taj Mahal. He also managed to streamline the process even more by making two colors the primary colors used in this design. These are red and black.

Bagh print cotton sarees are one of the most popular varieties of this style of sarees, although other fabrics like tassar, crepe and silk are also used to create this. To start with, the fabric is first soaked through the night in a special paste made of goat’s droppings, sanchura (also known as raw salt), water and castor oil. This paste is extremely potent. The fabric is then dried by layering it as it allows the components of the paste to really seep into it really well. Finally, in order to print all the motifs and patterns on it, a wooden board that is known as a Paliya is used to place the fabric on. The block is dipped into the colors and then pressed quite lightly over the fabric itself in order to create the overall design. This is how a bagh print saree is created. As these garments are handcrafted, each garment is unique in its own way, which is what makes owning one of them such a privilege. After the fabric is painted, it is left aside to dry for a total period of 8 days. Finally, it is then rinsed with cold running water, dried again and placed in a Bhatti mix with flowers and roots of Morinda Tinctoria. It is dried again and then ready for sale and purchase.

Bagh print sarees online are also made the same way as it is essential for these sarees to be completely authentic; otherwise, the entire purpose of purchasing this type of saree is totally defeated. Thus, when it comes to bagh print sarees, online shopping is a fair enough option to choose from as most of the e-commerce sites that offer these products are reliable enough. One can find a variety of sarees with this style of print work in different fabrics and this includes bagh print silk sarees. These are the more opulent variety of sarees than, say, cotton ones. Maheshwari bagh print sarees are certainly one of the most popular sarees found in India because of the exquisite work that goes into it.

Styling a Bagh Print Saree

Bagh print sarees can easily be styled with accessories available in your home. For starters, footwear is extremely important. When it comes to wearing sarees, high heeled shoes should be worn as they complement the fall of the saree and add to the elegant effect that it creates. Flat shoes should be avoided when wearing a saree at all costs because they don’t have the same effect, although some women do choose to wear flats mostly because of age or back problems. Another important aspect of wearing sarees is that the accessories should match the overall print or style of the saree. With bagh prints, which are highly intricate in terms of the design, women prefer wearing solid jewelry pieces that can complement the design well such as south Indian gold jewelry.

You can carry various types of handbags with these sarees. Silk pouches and cutdana handbags are the most commonly sported bags. For evening wear, women prefer carring western clutches since they lend an extremely elegant look to their outfit.