Explore the World of Bangalore Sarees

Explore the World of Bangalore Sarees

South India is well-known for its large variety of sarees, with certain cities and towns being the centers of production for these garments. One such major production center is Bangalore or Bengaluru, the state capital of Karnataka. Bangalore sarees is the term given for southern Karnataka sarees. This specific category has emerged because there are so many different types of local fabrics, designs and patterns produced in this state that even within its boundaries one can find a lot of different variations to choose from.

The most elegant and beautiful are the Bangalore silk sarees. Silk is one of the most commonly produced fabrics in south India, with Bangalore in particular being a centre for production and purchase of different silk varieties. Mulberry silk, one of the finest silk types, has been produced and woven here for many centuries and the silk industry in Bangalore has only got a boost with the increase in demand for fine south silk sarees. Eri or endi silk, Paat silk, raw silk and Muga silk are just a few of the many lavish fabrics that Bangalore specializes in. The Bangalore silk saree is distinguished by its soft and luxurious fabric, intricate designs and colorful motifs.

One can also find south Indian garments from other places including Mysore silk sarees, Kanjeevaram sarees and Uppada silk sarees in Bangalore silk saree shops. This is because these sarees have transcended the limitation of geography and are in fact considered a core part of south Indian culture.

However, well-stocked Bangalore saree shops are sure to have other fabrics, both traditional and contemporary, besides silk. For daily wear, women prefer cotton sarees for their comfort and breathability. For instance, the Ilkal handloom sarees are perfect for hot and humid weather and come in a range of beautiful colors. Other pure fabrics like georgette and crepe are also popular in Bangalore saree shops, and can be used to create more modern saree styles as well. Most of the traditional sarees made of silk and cotton are always hand-woven using elaborate techniques of weaving; however, nowadays mechanically produced substitutes are available. These have the advantage of being more cost-effective, and therefore accessible to a wider customer base.

A Bangalore saree is distinguished by its use of bright colors like blue, yellow, green and maroon, as well as the extensive use of zari designs, gold printed patterns and exquisitely crafted designs of floral patterns, leaves, animals and birds. They also typically have very large borders, especially on the pallu, with bold and dramatic designs in contrasting colors. On the other hand simple variations with very thin borders are also quite popular. Some of the popular embroidery styles from this region include sandur lambani and kasuti, used to create detailed depictions of mangoes and peacocks.

The experience of Bangalore saree shopping can be very satisfying because of the many options there are to choose from. From cool and casual cotton sarees for office wear to heavy silk varieties for ceremonies, from fine and gauzy fabrics with delicate embroidery to eye-catching dramatic hues; there is something for everyone’s tastes and fashions preferences. Obviously there are numerous emporiums and saree shops in the city itself where one can get a lot of variety but this is not always a feasible option for those who live far away. For those who don’t have the time or money to make a trip to a far-off city but still wish to get authentic Bangalore sarees, online shopping might be a good option, since reliable online stores often have whole catalogues dedicated to this garment. The only caution to take, especially when shopping for Bangalore silks’ sarees, is to pick a store offering the ‘silk mark’ from the Government of India for all their silk products. This ensures that the quality of the fabric is top notch and the weaving and embroidery style is authentic.

Styling Bangalore Sarees

Silk sarees from south Indian cities like Bangalore have been repeatedly worn by celebrities on the red carpet and on-screen, which has imbued even the traditional styles with a certain amount of glamour. Actresses like Vidya Balan and Rekha love their south silks and have worn different types of Bangalore sarees at different occasions; they have even brought back into fashion the more ‘conservative’ style blouses with full sleeves, collars and buttons.

Bangalore sarees can be styled in the traditional south Indian way, with exquisite gold jewelry and fresh white and orange mogra flowers in the hair. Hair is typically styled as a bun or plait, especially for formal occasions. For weddings the classic Bangalore silk sarees with large contrasting borders and dramatic pallus are worn, along with plenty of gold bangles, payal or silver anklets and a small red or black bindi. With casual sarees, women prefer going for colorful glass bangles and simple pendants and earrings.