Style of Beaded Tunics

Style of Beaded Tunics

Tunics are one of the trendiest fashion clothes at the moment and seem to be well on their way to cementing their status as wardrobe staples. Nothing spells out effortless style like a tunic, which is a long shirt that falls somewhere between the hips and the knees and typically comes with a slightly loose fit. The Indian version of a tunic is called a kurta or kurti and, like tunics, they have been around for many centuries but only became fashionable in recent years. Tunics come in a wide range of colors, designs and patterns, but one of the most popular variations is the beaded tunic.

In India the idea of using beads work to embellish clothing and fabrics is not at all new. For thousands of years, Indians have been using colorful and smooth beads to decorate various clothes like sarees, salwar kameez and lehenga cholis. Beaded tunics from India come with these kinds of traditional, regional beads embellishment designs that are made using ancient techniques. The same kind of beads work can also be used to create western style beaded tunic tops, although it may be adapted to more modern designs. A beaded tunic dress can therefore come with all types of designs including Indian inspired motifs of flowers, fruits, birds and trees and modern shapes, lines and dots.

Beaded tunic dresses from India have an exotic look and fine feel and often come with the most exquisite workmanship and delicately woven or embroidered designs. The beads can be multi-colored, in a rainbow range of colors, all harmoniously blended into one pattern. They can also be monochrome or black and white, which stands out beautifully on a colorful background. They may also be monotone or one color like blue but with multiple hues in it such as sky blue, turquoise, indigo and navy. A beaded tunic top can also be decorated with special beads which are transparent or translucent, similar to a crystal, or which are metallic (gold, silver, copper or bronze). The choice of colors depends entirely on the vision of the designer and the occasion for which the outfit is intended. These beads can be woven into simple string-like patterns near the borders and the neckline, or they can be scattered all over the fabric in a sparse but attractive pattern. The most fancy beaded tunic dress will come with a thickly embellished neckline, with the design extending all over the bust and sometimes all the way till the stomach area. The borders may also be thickly beaded with colorful patterns interspersed with gold thread or zari designs.

A beaded tunic can come in a lot of different fabrics. Knit cotton is sometimes used because of its strength and durability, while silk is preferred for its gorgeous luster. Chiffon, crepe and georgette are also widely used, as well as their faux versions.

Beaded tunics are extremely versatile and look good on all kinds of figures and body types. Women with curvier bodies can opt for plus size beaded tunics which come in an exciting range of flattering colors, fabrics and designs. When it comes to the beaded tunic, plus size designs are not just different in their measurements but also in their silhouette. They are specially altered to ensure the beads designs falls in the right place and highlights the grace and elegance of the wearer.

Trending Styles in Beaded Tunics

A beaded tunic is very popular in India, especially amongst young girls and working professionals. It is much loved for its comfortable and easy to wear beauty. However in western countries it is still considered something of an exotic item, albeit one that is becoming extremely trendy. It has become a favorite casual wear garment with celebrities who have a bohemian sense of style and has even made a couple of red carpet appearances.

One of the reasons for the universal popularity of the beaded tunic top is the fact that it can be easily styled to match the occasion. For every day wear, a casual pastel or white colored beaded tunic dress can be paired with leggings or jeans as well as salwars, pajamas or dhoti pants. If an ethnic vibe is required, the look can be finished with a pair of beaded mojaris or jutis. For formal wear, women can opt for a black tunic with gold, silver and/or multi colored designs and wear it with a stylish silk stole in a shade matching the beads work and a pair of heel sandals in black, gold or silver. Women should pair up delicate and subtle jewelry like a pearls bracelet, beads earrings and chunky rings with a beaded tunic to bring out the beauty of the outfit without overwhelming the bead work designs.