Fashionable Black Tunics

Fashionable Black Tunics

Tunics have taken the fashion world by storm in recent years. They have become a wardrobe must-have for girls and young women, not just in western countries, but across the world. These stylish upper wear garments are essentially just long shirts that fall from the shoulders to anywhere between the hips and the knees. There are many different types of tunics; from the ethnically decorated kurtis from India to the slinky, party wear tunics with sequins, the sheer variety of choices in tunics is amazing. One of the most popular types is the black tunic, a formal or party wear staple in western fashion.

A black tunic top is simply a tunic with a base color of black or in which black is prominently displayed along with other hues. Like the little black dress, which is a classic western evening wear garment popularized by iconic stars like Audrey Hepburn, the black tunic dress is also becoming a wardrobe essential for stylish women. The severity of black along with its intense, dramatic beauty makes it the preferred color in semi-formal or formal situations. At the same time, black is one of the most flattering colors a woman can wear as it slims down the wearer and easily creates the illusion of a slinky silhouette. This is why it is also an apt color for parties, special events and other such celebratory situations. The beauty of black tunics is that they combine the glamour and intensity of black with the youthful, fun and feminine cut of a tunic, making them a great choice for women of all ages who want to look slim and gorgeous.

When it comes to black tunics for women, there are a number of different options and varieties to choose from. The silhouette itself can vary based on the fit, the length of the sleeves, the neckline and the length of the tunic. Women who want a more dress like appearance opt for longer tunics that reach till the knees, though shorter lengths are also available. In terms of the fit, women can opt for tunics with body hugging silhouettes, which look fabulous in black, as well as looser and more comfortable straight fit black tunics which can be cinched at the waist with a belt to add more definition to the look. The length of the sleeves can vary depending on the weather and occasion for which the tunic is intended. Black tunic tops with long or three fourth sleeves have a more formal look and are typically reserved for cooler climes while those with half sleeves or sleeve less design are perfect for informal, summer wear. The necklines too can vary from bold and daring deep necks, v-necks, key-hole necks and u-necks to sophisticated cowl necks, turtle necks and Mandarin collars.

The type of fabric used also plays an important role in determining the look of the outfit. Cotton, linen, rayon and other such affordable, comfortable fabrics are usually used to make the more informal black tunics, while silk (both art and pure), chiffon, georgette, crepe and satin are used to make the party wear varieties. In particular, fabrics with beautiful drapes such as chiffon and georgette look wonderful in black or with black designs.

Women will also find a lot of variety in terms of designs and patterns. Black tunic tops can have a dazzling array of work done on them as black is the perfect base color to print, embroider or embellish on. It perfectly highlights the beauty and vibrancy of colorful as well as metallic designs and makes the patterns pop. From Indian techniques like Resham (silk thread), zari (gold thread), zardosi, Kashida and Kantha work to beads, sequins, crystals and lace work, black tunics can come with a lot of different types of designs. The designs can be limited to the borders or the neckline, or, as is the case with more subtle designs of sequins or aari work, they may be scattered throughout the black tunic.

Styles and Trends in Black Tunics

Black tunic tops may be quite a recent trend but they can already be considered a ‘classic’ party-wear choice. The versatility and adaptability of this garment means that it can be styled in a lot of different ways. The same black tunic can be worn for work with a pair of black leggings and pearl jewelry and then with printed or gold leggings and gold bangles for a dinner or party. A black tunic top can also be paired with bright and beautiful Indian pants such as salwars or dhoti pants to create an indo western look.

The choice of jewelry depends entirely on the types of designs on the black tunic. The use of bright and colorful threads on embroidered tunics creates a brilliant kaleidoscope effect which is wonderfully complemented with colorful beads jewelry, while black tunics with dazzling crystal and stones work can be paired with crystal or stone necklaces.