Brasso Sarees: Ultimate Drapes For Weddings & Gala Events

Brasso Sarees: Ultimate Drapes For Weddings & Gala Events

Brasso fabric is a semi-opaque material that is popularly used in the creation of sarees and at times, in the creation of salwar kameez. It is created using a base of polyester viscose rayon and is characterized by its semi-opaqueness i.e. the only parts of the fabric that are opaque are the embroidered designs, while the rest is translucent or sheer. Brasso fabrics have been used to create party wear Indian ethnic garments as well as some indo-western outfits.

A drape for your party wardrobe

Women prefer a Brasso saree for formal parties and other occasions over cotton or silk, because this fabric is a combination of the best of both these materials. It is lightweight and airy like cotton while also being festive and grand like silk. Unlike these two materials, that may become unsuitable in certain weather conditions, Brasso sarees can be worn throughout the year, making them a more popular choice.

Half N Half Brasso Georgette Saree

Besides cotton and silk, a Brasso dress material can be made from different bases such as georgette, chiffon, jacquard or velvet. In fact, Brasso net fabric is one of the latest, trendiest and most popular choices for designer party-wear sarees. The effect created by a saree in this material is dramatic and sensuous at the same time, which is why it is preferred by younger demographics.

Half n half brasso sarees

The latest Brasso saree designs have as much to do with highlighting the motifs on the fabric as they do with highlighting the quality of the material. Half n half sarees are one of them. There are some fabrics that are higher on the translucence while others are more solid in the base. The former are ideal as semi-formal party wear while the latter is more sought after for formal occasions such as weddings.

The motifs and designs on the fabric are usually close together and intricate, so as to give a grand appearance to the saree. What distinguishes the look of a brasso saree from that of a net saree or a sheer saree are the closely knit designs. This is one of the biggest reasons for the popularity of this variant of Indian sarees.

Brasso saree designs can be in the form of any motif or pattern. Right from tradition-inspired motifs like flora, fauna, gold coins, paisleys, Ikat and 2D shapes such as diamonds or circles, to more contemporary patterns such as abstract shapes, Aztec prints and geometric lines, all kinds of designs are a part of some of the bestselling Brasso sarees’ collection and catalogues. The traditional patterns are just as popular as the modern ones, thus making Brasso sarees a favored choice amongst women with varying tastes.

brasso-georgette-saree georgett-brasso-saree yellow-half-n-half-brasso-saree

While these designs are woven into the fabric and are more like natural embellishments to the saree, there is room for extraneous decorations on the sarees as well. The collection of designer Brasso sarees varies in the market. While there are some that go for sophisticated elegance by embellishing only the pallu of the saree and the border, there are others that go for a bold, heavy, yet chic look by spreading the embellishments across the saree.

These embellishments can be made using a variety of materials and techniques such as stone work, sequin work, gota patch work, zari embroidery, ektaar ka kaam and more. Besides the weave of the sarees, these external embellishments too can be identified on the basis of modern and traditional motifs and styles of designing. Nevertheless, women from across the country have appreciated both types of designs and have opted for one or the other or both based on personal style preferences and the occasion for which the saree is to be worn.

Style tips

As Brasso sarees are meant to be worn to grand, festive occasions, whether formal or informal, the blouse being worn with the saree is just as important as the saree itself. Based on the color and the embellishments of the saree, a designer blouse can be worn in metallic shades such as burnished gold, champagne gold or silver, among others. Another aspect of the blouse that one can experiment with is the sleeve lengths.

half-n-half-black-brasso-saree black-clutch gold-stone-studded-ring

Three-fourth sleeves are currently in fashion although other styles such as spaghetti straps or sleeveless blouses work just as well. One other thing to keep in mind is the styling or cut of the blouse in terms of neckline and back. Modern blouse designs such as backless, halter neck and jacket blouse are best suited for a contemporary saree style like Brasso.

The jewelry that can be paired with Brasso sarees can be contemporary, although traditional styles can add a grand touch. Kundan jewelry, Polki jewelry pieces and even Meenakari, whether authentic or costume, can be used to augment the look. Earrings, necklaces, maang tikkas, bangles or kangans with traditional designs can all be used to flaunt the beauty of a Brasso saree.