Funky Casual Tops

Funky Casual Tops

Casual Tops are tops designed for both men and women that can be worn, as the name suggests, for casual events or occasions such as a brunch with a group of friends. These tops are essential additions to the wardrobe of any woman because it is important to have a collection of garments that can be worn on a daily basis without making the person wearing them appear too dressed up. It is important to note that casual tops can also be paired with different kinds of formal bottoms to create a slightly semi-formal look that can also be quite versatile. Most working professionals prefer semi formal garments as they can be easily switched from a day outfit to a night one by just adding a few accessories or changing the shoes. This is extremely convenient as one does not have to change the entire outfit just to attend a party at a pub with a few friends at the end of the day. Casual tops for women can be classified into different categories including regular t-shirts, shirts, tunics and even certain types of kurtis that can be worn with different types of bottoms. Due to the fact that just adding a specific type of bottom garment to the outfit can redefine the entire aura of the garment, these tops are extremely popular amongst all ladies. Casual tops are also known for lending an informal air to the entire ensemble which makes them ideal for daily wear or daily use.

Most young women in their teens and in their early twenties are known for wearing tops such as these. College going women prefer these to other types of tops because they can be worn without a second thought and are both, age appropriate as well as appropriate for the environment around them. It allows them to commute easily throughout the city they live in without feeling uncomfortable in their own skin. Since these garments do not require a lot of maintenance, they can be worn easily and to just about any event without the fear of any kind of damage to the outfit. Casual tunic tops tend to be longer than regular shirts and can reach the mid-thigh region. These are ideal for women who seek the perfect combination of comfort and fashion in their lives.

Many casual tops are plain, without much embroidery or embellishment, but some varieties come with attractive motifs and designs that are printed on. The funky, ethnic look of hand printed designs is often preferred by women who have a more bohemian sense of style. The fabrics used to create these types of tops also tend to be more affordable and plain materials like cotton, art silk, faux crepe, rayon, polyester etc.

Casual tunics can also include casual tunic dresses in their category. These are usually knee length garments that can be used as a proper dress that is meant for a casual occasion or an event. These are ideal for day based events such as picnics and many women love wearing garments such as these on a day to day basis because they add a touch of femininity even while being extremely comfortable in terms of letting the skin breathe and overall movement of the body. Such is the beauty of casual tops. For women’s wear, this really is the best there is when it comes to indo western attire.

Styling Women’s Casual Tunics

When it comes to styling indo western garments such as a casual tunic dress or trendy tunic tops, it is women can either highlight the more ethnic sides of the garments or go in for a slightly more western look instead. As a result, when it comes to styling or accessorizing, there are a ton of options that are available in the market, which is one of the reasons why these are extremely versatile and popular garments as well.

To go in for a casual vibe, women tend to use street jewelry or trendy junk jewelry to create this look. These types of jewelry items are not only quite easy on the wallet but also very low on maintenance, which is why women have no qualms about wearing them on a daily basis. Some of the different types of jewelry forms that come under this category include beaded jewelry as well as glass beaded jewelry. Other types include stone studded jewelry and interesting faux metal jewelry pieces. All of these include a variety of necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings that can be paired with any outfit easily.

When it comes to footwear, women prefer wearing flat V shaped footwear in order to create a more casual look in their dressing style. These make it easier to walk around and also fit with the general aesthetic theme.