Regional Sarees From Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Regional Sarees From Chennai, Tamil Nadu

A saree is the traditional Indian garment for women, so it is no surprise that one can find beautiful varieties all over the country. From ancient times, certain regions have been major saree production centers. These centers became a hub for artisans, craftsmen and merchants alike, and with the patronage of the royalty, some truly magnificent saree styles were developed. One such flourishing saree destination is Chennai in India. There is no doubt that today, these sarees are more in demand than ever before.

Sarees in Chennai are the most beloved garment for women, not just for special occasions but also as part of their daily life. This is one of the reasons there are so many saree shops in Chennai with modern and traditional outfits in a wide range of designs.

This is also why there is a flourishing business of wholesale sarees in Chennai. In fact, the demand for these sarees is not just restricted to locals; they are popular across the country and even internationally.

Chennai silk sarees are justifiably considered one of the most beautiful saree types in the world, and are also the most frequently seen in high-fashion and Bollywood circles. With the strong presence of a silk textile industry in Tamil Nadu (the state of which this city is the capital), it is obvious why Chennai silks sarees are considered the most authentic and distinctive.

Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees

Another major attraction for shoppers is that there are many varieties of silk sarees in Chennai, each with a distinctive look and appeal. The traditional favorite, beloved by women of all generations, is the Kanjeevaram silk saree. Heavy and glossy, these sarees are made of rich material intricately woven using gold and silk threads, and usually come with thick golden borders which are sharply in contrast with the colorful, often multi-hued main fabric.

Produced in the Kancheepuram town in Tamil Nadu, not far from Chennai, South Silk Sarees are an important part of south Indian culture and also loved by many actresses and glamorous fashionistas.


Though the most popular and well known these are definitely not the only options; when it comes to silk sarees, Chennai is a treasure trove of choices. There are different silk fabrics woven in other parts of Tamil Nadu, each with their own type of beauty.

Usually they tend to be a bit thicker with a golden sheen, though raw silk varieties more suitable for daily wear are also available. The designs most commonly seen would be thick temple borders, artistic depictions of flowers, fruits and birds as well as small geometric shapes.

Wedding Sarees

Chennai silk wedding sarees are naturally more ornate, with richer fabrics, heavier embroidery and brighter colors. In fact, there are many options in wedding sarees in Chennai besides the classic silk ones.

Modern fabrics like georgette, chiffon, crepe are increasingly being used to create the typical Chennai sarees with the temple borders. Art silk is a popular substitute since it encapsulates the sheen of silk while being a lot more affordable. More contemporary designs of dots, stripes and waves, as well as more off-beat colors like black, white and brown can now be frequently seen in these outfits.

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There are many different types of cotton sarees in Chennai as these are the most commonly worn daily wear outfits, amongst women of all ages. These are quite colorful, with attractive border work, but are crafted keeping in mind the hot and humid weather conditions. Hence they are perfect for summer wear.

One of the consequences of the international appeal of these sarees is that one can find a lot of designer sarees in Chennai. They incorporate the luxury and stately elegance of the traditional silk saree into a more modern silhouette, often with more innovative designs combining the best of both worlds.

One can even find classic fabrics and designs incorporated into lehenga sarees in Chennai. These sarees, geared towards the modern woman seeking comfortable yet glamorous ethnic clothing, tend to be more costly but are definitely worthy investments for a fashionista’s wardrobe.

Obviously the most recognizable style of wearing a Chennai saree would be the sophisticated styles of Bollywood actresses like Rekha on the red carpet. For those seeking these ever-stylish designer sarees, Chennai will be the primary destination.

Style it Right

When accessorizing, one can either opt to be traditional or to mix it up with some modern jewelry. In case of the former, opt for heavy gold jewelry including a necklace, bangles and earrings as well as silver anklets. The look is incomplete without a  mang-tikka, a large bindi and hair tied back into the distinctive south Indian bun or plait, adorned with fresh flowers.


For a more modern look, simple yet elegant pearl necklaces would be the best choice. Chunky bronze jewelry and/or antique metal jewelry will look good with the more informal sarees.