Some Very Classy Ways to Style Your Crepe Salwar Kameez

Some Very Classy Ways to Style Your Crepe Salwar Kameez

Salwar kameez is one of the most versatile and comfortable garments in the world. Traditionally worn by women in the Indian sub-continent, they have become an international trend today. As a result, designers have begun producing many stylish, modern varieties of salwar kameez by using unique fabrics and techniques.

One such variety is the crepe salwar kameez. Made using the distinctive crepe fabric, it has become a huge hit amongst Indian women of all ages, especially as a regular or formal wear outfit.

Crepe is essentially a twisted and knotted fabric that is produced by twisting hard yarns in a unique technique. It has a distinct crimped surface and shimmering aesthetic with a gauzy and very light-weight feel.

Comfortably classy in crepe salwar suits

Comfortable and pretty, this fabric drapes the body beautifully and is particularly apt as a base material for salwar kameez of all types. Despite a three piece structure consisting of a long tunic, a loose pair of pants and a dupatta, Salwar kameez is structurally a very comfortable and easy to wear outfit.

This level of comfort and style is mainly achieved by utilizing light, attractive fabrics like crepe that give the outfit a very stylish look. If there is one spun fabric that juxtaposes beauty and comfort, it is crepe. Salwar kameez material necessarily has to be as versatile as possible, and crepe meets these requirements.

Styles & varieties

Crepe salwar suits come in numerous styles and types. The properties of the material itself will differ according to the type of crepe used. Pure crepe salwar kameez is one of the most expensive and exclusive ones.

They are crafted from the finest variety of crepe. These are incredibly light-weight outfits with the typical subtle, elegant sheen of crepe and an easy-to-maintain, wrinkle-free surface. However, many women love wearing blended crepe outfits mainly because they are generally less expensive and more versatile.

Crepe can be made of different fabrics. Crepe silk salwar kameez is the most elegant and luxurious looking. They have more sheen than the other varieties and come with a better fit as well. Woolen crepe and synthetic crepe is often used to create winter salwar kameez. Though they are not as elegant as silk, they provide more warmth and structure.

When it comes to crepe suits, salwar kameez and kurtas, you can use many different designs and cuts.

Punjabi salwar suits

green-patialacrepe-suit embroidered-suit

Punjabi salwar suits are a perfect blend of short kameez and patiala salwar suits. You can go for printed patiala and embroidered kameez. Take more inspirations here.

A-Line salwar suits

printed-a-line-salwar-suit printed-straight-cut-suit straight-cut-suit

Straight or A-Line salwar suits are the classics. Crepe is a versatile fabric that looks very graceful at every occasion. You can use many different designs and patterns to decorate crepe salwar kameez. The everyday wear and office wear varieties tend to be plain or printed, with interesting ethnic designs of nature-based motifs and artistic depictions.

Bandhej suits


If looking for colorful rhapsody, opt for bandhej salwar kameez in crepe. Style it the way you want. Crepe salwar kameez designs can include sleeves of varying lengths, from the classy full-sleeves to the pretty cap-sleeves and the daring sleeve-less design. Necklines can also vary from deep-cut and sweetheart neckline to round-neck, key-hole neck and high-neck. Typically, crepe material salwar is paired with longer kameez, (the upper wear tunics) which suits the structure and texture of the material better.

The party wear varieties, which are usually more glamorous and fancy in their look, tend to have some kind of embroidery and embellishments on them. From intricate, colorful embroidered designs to sparkling stone and sequins patterns, women will find all types of interesting aesthetics to choose from.

Ethnic fashion has today become popular across the world, which is why it has now become very easy for women living in international locations to purchase beautiful crepe salwar kameez online and have them delivered right to their doorstep. A reliable ethnic fashion retailer will offer a good amount of variety and reasonable prices, and an easy-to-use website. It would make shopping a fun process.

Styling your crepe salwar suits

Crepe salwar kameez have recently become extremely trendy. Straight cut suits with subtle prints and minimal embellishments are one of the most popular options for work-wear, while anarkali suits with intricate embroidery are considered stylish party-wear options. Ultimately, your style quotient for any outfit depends not only on the choice of outfit but also on the kind of jewelry and accessories worn with it.

beaded-earrings stone-studded-earrings

With crepe salwar kameez, it is best to avoid overly heavy and traditional jewelry. Such pieces will overwhelm the outfit and create an odd contrast. You can instead stick to small but memorable pieces like pearl necklaces, dangling earrings, silver bangles, long beaded necklaces and stone-set bracelets.

Pick jewelry pieces that match the color of the outfit so as to avoid any clashes in the ensemble. You can complete the look with a pair of pretty Indian sandals or embroidered mojaris. Depending on the occasions, women can carry a tote bag or an embellished clutch.