The Beautiful Crystal Bead Necklace

The Beautiful Crystal Bead Necklace

A necklace is an article of jewelry which is usually worn around the neck. Although most necklaces are formed using a metal jewelry chain, there are others that are woven or manufactured from cloth by using string or twine. The most common features of any necklace include colorful stones (particularly gemstones or jewels), wood (usually carved or polished), beads or corals. If a necklace includes a primary hanging feature, it is called a pendant. If the pendant is itself a small container, that is known as a locket.

Believed to be as old as 40,000 years, necklaces are said to be an essential part of jewelry since the time of early civilization. The oldest necklaces were made using purely natural materials, durable vines or even pieces of animal sinew left over from hunting. Shells, bones and bird feathers were used to create these early necklaces. With the beginning of the modern era, a variety of new metals became available for necklaces that were not available before. Because of this necklaces began getting used as a form of jewelry due to the availably of precious stones and metals such as gold, rubies and diamonds.

There are many different types of necklaces that are available in the market now days. For instance, women can opt for collar necklace. This necklace is worn halfway up the neck and is at its best when worn round the neck with a dress that shows of the shoulders. Then there is the choker necklace that fits at the start of the neck. The choker necklace looks the same as a collar necklace but is much more flexible. This necklace can be worn with most necklines, but is especially suited for a low cut dress or blouse. Women can also opt for a lariat necklace which is essentially a long necklace with no clasp. It can be easily circled around the neck, almost like a scarf, leaving its two strands hanging. Apart from this, women can also knot it at their chest or slip it into a lasso. Now days, one other type of necklace that is getting a lot of popularity amongst women in India is a crystal bead necklace. Having been made using little beads of crystal these necklaces are consider being extremely stylish and elegant. Though bead necklaces have long been considered a fashionable accessory to possess, a crystal beaded necklace is considered to be extremely trendy and modish. These necklaces are basically made using beads that are strung together on a soft and flexible string of thread. The usage of beaded jewelry dates back to thousands of years ago to the Indus Valley civilization who used to use bead jewelry as the most common form of trade in that era. As such, it does not seem surprising to see the popularity of crystal beads necklace designs among Indian women. The distinguishing factor in these necklaces lies in the beads which are made purely out of crystal.

Crystals have been fashioned into jewelry for many thousands of years and the jewelry made using them is considered to be one of the most beautiful and pristine types available in the market. All crystal jewelry is hand-crafted from natural gemstones and has a dazzling appeal. As such, it should not surprise to see Indian women favor crystal bead necklace jewelry. Now days, Indian women are clamoring to get necklaces made of crystal beads for every possible occasion. This is probably because these necklaces have a universal appeal. From using them as an accessory for a workplace environment, to using them to glam up an outfit for a cocktail party, a clear crystal bead necklace is the perfect accessory for these outfits. In India, crystal bead necklaces can be found in a variety of colors ranging from clean white to night black. Choosing a crystal bead necklace in the right color is going to help create an impression.

Elegant Crystal Bead Necklaces

As fashionable and stylish it is to wear a crystal bead necklace, pairing up the necklace with specific outfits is going to help create a fashion statement. For instance, women can pair up their long crystal bead necklace with a beautiful and elegant golden georgette saree for a cocktail dinner or party. A vintage crystal bead necklace is also going to look extremely fashionable when paired up with a combination of contemporary tunics and leggings. Another elegant combination that women go for is that of a black crystal beads necklace with asalwar kameez with black embroidery. Not only will this look incredibly stylish, but it will also create a wonderful contrast of traditional and modern clothing.

Crystal bead necklace patterns come in a large variety as do the colors they are available in. Pairing the right necklace patterns and colors with the right outfits is essential to having a stylish and classy look complete.