Custom Made Sarees - Personalized Tradition For You!

Custom Made Sarees - Personalized Tradition For You!

Nothing can quite match the elegance and beauty of a saree. Consisting of a long fabric of 6 to 9 yards draped around a petticoat and blouse, the saree is considered the quintessential Indian garment, equally beloved by the public and the top designers.

Every region in South East Asia, has a different preference in terms of fabric, design, style of draping and so on. Many of these traditional regional styles have been adapted by designers into innovative, cutting-edge patterns which express the fusion sensibilities of modern women. The end result is that the variety of sarees to choose from is remarkable. One can find variations not just in color scheme and fabric but also designs, patterns, cuts, silhouettes, drapes and motifs.

The tremendous varieties mean that one can come up with infinite combinations of colors and patterns in sarees. This is one of the reasons custom made sarees have become so popular. Buying off the rack by no means reduces the number of options available.

However for the exact, perfect look suited to your own body type, skin color and style preferences, customized sarees are the preferred option. By going the custom route, one can personalize every single detail of the saree. Boutiques and online stores that offer this option typically provide plethora of base materials and design work to choose from.


With a custom made saree, women can ensure their saree fits in perfectly with the occasion. For many women this presents an opportunity for them to craft their ‘dream sari’, tailored to be as flattering as possible.

When it comes to a custom saree, the customer is the ‘designer’. They can choose every single aspect of the saree. The first step will be which fabric. This means choosing not just the raw material but also the technique used to treat it: woven, embroidered, spun, printed and so on.The fabric is crucial to the over-all look of the saree and should be picked keeping in mind not just the look and the feel but also the types of embroidery and embellishment desired and the event for which the saree is intended.

Thus sarees for more casual occasions can be made of cotton, rayon or polyester while formal wear sarees can be made of silk, brocade, georgette, chiffon or crepe. Some varieties of silk are luxurious looking while being thin and light, which makes them great for hectic occasions like weddings.

This also goes for georgette and chiffon. However, with the latter, too many embellishments cannot be used as the light-weight fabric cannot carry heavy designs. On the other hand the translucent quality brings out pastel shades and feminine colors quite beautifully.

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One other aspect women might consider when choosing the fabric for a custom sari is the fit. Each fabric comes with a unique fit; for instance silk and cotton are both airy materials, embracing curves in a modest yet charming manner. Chiffon is more body-hugging and suits svelte women the best. Georgette, crepe and satin can be worn by everyone, as they are universally flattering.

For those wanting heavy embroidery and embellishments, fabrics like silk and georgette might be the best choice. These fabrics can easily be decorated with myriad types of embroidered patterns of various motifs, from natural leaves, flowers and fruits to stylized shapes and figures.

One can go for techniques like zari, Resham, Chikankari, Phulkari as well as aari, cut dana, booti, Kundan, kantha, stones, sequins and crystals. Patch border work is a popular addition, along the borders and on the pallu. One can also choose to combine prints with designs or different types of works in one design, according to the level of rich detailing desired.

Sleek & Contemporary Custom Made Sarees

The greatest appeal of custom made sarees is that they afford the chance to experiment with unconventional designs, colors and patterns. Fabrics like silk, cotton and georgette can easily be dyed in different colors and going with a custom made sari made of these fabrics is a great way to experiment with off-beat color combinations. One can go for neon shades of pink and green as well as soft, pastel shades of blue and red.

Shades of white like beige, cream and off-white are in-vogue but white sarees with ornate designs are quite rare because white is considered inauspicious. They can therefore be customized in order to get a full range of designs in the styles desired.

To complete the look, a custom made saree blouse is a necessity. This is not just to ensure the color and designs are complementary but also to create the perfect fit. An ill-fitting blouse can easily ruin any saree look. Match up with the perfect pair of dangling earrings for a stylish party or wedding look.

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