Attraction of Embellished Tunics

Attraction of Embellished Tunics

Tunics are upper body garments that fall from the shoulders to the hips, knees or anywhere in between. They are known for their loose fit and stylish look and are currently one of the trendiest tops for women in the world. Tunics originated in Ancient Greece and Rome, but over the years, their designs and silhouettes have evolved to suit the requirements of changing fashions. In its modern avatar, a tunic is typically worn only by women, for casual, semi-formal and party wear. This garment is often considered a staple of western fashion but it is in fact also found in ethnic fashion. The kurtis or kurtas from India have a look that is very similar to a tunic.

There is a tremendous variety of options in tunics, from plain and printed tunics for every day wear to embroidered and ornamented tunics for party wear. Undoubtedly the most glamorous and attractive looking options are the embellished tunics which are essentially distinguished by the use of heavy ‘work’ on the garment, done using some type of external materials. Embellishments may be created using the same techniques as embroidery, but they differ because of the materials used. Embroidered designs utilize only threads; any designs in which other elements are also included would be considered embellishments. An embellished tunic would typically come with pretty designs and decorative trims along the borders, necklines, placket and sleeves; at times, the entire upper torso is covered in embellishments. Only the most glamorous and ornate party wear embellished tunic tops would come with designs all over the outfit.

There are many types of embellished tunics in the market, which can be differentiated on the basis of a number of factors, from the cut and silhouette to the designs and colors. One can find a lot of different necklines in embellished tunic dresses, from the classic v-shape to the stylish boat neck, halter neck and key hole neck; the same goes for the sleeve lengths which can vary from well-fitted full sleeves to fluffy cap sleeves or daring sleeve-less/spaghetti strap designs. An embellished tunic dress can either be well-fitted and cinching at the waist, or flowing and unstructured to give off a bohemian vibe. Which type is chosen depends entirely on the wearer and the occasion at hand. The same goes for the choice in colors as there are a lot of gorgeous hues women can choose from in embellished tunics. From soft pastel hues like sea green and sky blue to vivid neon shades of orange and pink, from stark monochrome shades to attractive multi-colored combinations, there are a lot of options available. One of the most popular varieties in the market that is much preferred for its combination of beauty, sensuality and sophistication is the black embellished tunic. The stark combination of the black fabric with the sparkling embellishments creates a vivid visual contrast and really highlights the beauty of the designs.

Typically, the fabrics for embellished tunics tend to be strong, durable materials that can bear the weight of embellishments but will also show them up well. Thus, both faux and real versions of georgette, silk, crepe and satin are the most preferred base materials for embellished tunics.

The embellishments themselves can be done using a variety of different materials and methods. Western styles include sequins, stones, crystal and beads work while Indian styles include zardosi, ek taar and aari work. Though these are the broad categories, these can be mixed up as well; thus, sparkling silver sequins can be used to make Indian motifs while intricate golden zardosi can be employed to create abstract, western patterns as well. The embellishments can vary in terms of color as well: women can choose between deep golden, sparkling silver and antique copper designs, as well as bright and multicolored stone designs.

Sparkling Beauty of Embellished Tunics

Embellished tunic tops are amongst the most preferred party wear, not just in western countries, but also in India. They present the perfect combination of comfort, glamour and style for women. The well-fitting, flattering fit of the tunic suits all types of body types and allows movement and flexibility for the wearer; on the other hand, the types of embellishments done on the embellished tunic ensure the style and beauty quotient of the ensemble.

Embellished tunics should be styled carefully so as to ensure the gorgeous designs they sport are highlighted. The most comfortable and stylish lower body garment chosen with these tunics is a pair of leggings in a complementary color. In terms of jewelry, it is best to stick with pieces that will complement the work on the outfit. Thus, with crystal work tunics, crystal earrings should be worn while with subtle sequins designs, silver plated jewelry would be a good choice.