Glamorous Tops And Tunics To Glam Up The Evenings

Glamorous Tops And Tunics To Glam Up The Evenings

Fashionable and versatile evening tops and tunics are a key addition to any woman’s wardrobe today. These fabulous evening tops can make any woman look instantly chic and elegant, while still being very comfortable and easy to wear. A common misconception is that an evening top is not formal enough and only suits young women or girls. In fact, it comes in a lot of different colors, designs, patterns and silhouettes, such that women of all ages can explore and discover appropriate pieces for any fancy occasion where a little dressing up is required.

In fact, it comes in a lot of different colors, designs, patterns and silhouettes, such that women of all ages can explore and discover appropriate pieces for any fancy occasion where a little dressing up is required.

The classic style of ladies evening tops resembles a tunic, a type of long shirt that falls from the shoulders to below the hips. In India, such long tops are called kurtas and kurtis. Just like tunics, kurtas are also thought to be very informal when in fact women’s evening tops and tunics are specifically designed to look formal and sophisticated, or even glamorous.

For instance, dressy evening tops and tunics may have more of a fitted silhouette than a casual tunic, either with or without a belt clinching at the waist. Another way to bring in the ‘glamour’ is with the sleeve lengths and necklines. Sleeveless and halter neck designs look bold and trendy, while a deep-cut or keyhole neck combined with long sleeves can bring in a subtle element of sensuality. Evening tops for women often come with off-beat cuts like an asymmetrical hem, off-the-shoulder design, umbrella silhouette, backless design etc.

A party is a perfect occasion to sport such bold cuts. However, when it comes evening tops, ladies with more conservative tastes will find plenty of options as well. Many of the latest kurtas and tunics are reviving vintage styles like full-sleeves, cuff sleeves and high-neck collars to bring in an element of formality to the outfit. These kinds of evening tops and tunics are beautifully tailored to fit the body and look classy and stylish.

Varieties Of Tops And Tunics

Besides the cut and silhouettes, women can also explore all types of colors, designs, and patterns when it comes to dressy evening tops. The classic and most popular option is the black evening top. Women prefer black because of its famous slimming effect.

At the same time, black beautifully shows up a number of different colors and designs and hence can be easily decorated to make it more party appropriate. Alternatively, a new trend nowadays is to go for popping neon colors and vibrant rainbow shades. Even off-beat choices like metallic tunics, pastel tunics, and white tunics can be found in a well-stocked evening tunic collection.

Indian style evening tunics are greatly in demand the world over, with beaded evening tops being the most beautiful and popular option. These come with intricate designs made with beads in many different hues, either matching with the fabric or contrasting with it.


The designs are crafted using various Indian techniques but that does not mean they are only used to make Indian designs. Western motifs and designs can be seen just as often as Indian ones. Another great outfit for evening occasions is the sequin evening tops. The sequins can be incorporated in the neckline, on the borders, or all over the outfit. Sometimes they are subtle and woven into the fabric while at other times the sequins are the main attraction of the outfit.

Sequins and Indian designs are also frequently combined to make the most beautiful, glittering patterns in the market. Besides beads and sequins, designers also use other Indian techniques like embroidery and various embellishments to make dressy evening tops look more festive and colorful.

Trending Looks For The Night

Evening tunics have exploded in the fashion world and nowadays they can even be seen on red carpets. Celebrities with a more bohemian, carefree fashion style prefer tunics over other evening wear as it lets them express their style without giving up on comfort. However, just because they are comfortable, tops and tunics need not necessarily be low-key or boring. First of all, they should be perfectly fitting, neither too loose nor too tight.

For curvy women who want to wear evening tops, plus size options come in all the different colors and designs and hence are a great option. Plus size evening tops should be paired up in the same way as tunics in any other size. Loose tops should be paired with tight leggings, while skin-fitting tops should be balanced out with a skirt or some kind of loose bottoms.

Proper styling is another way to ensure the evening top look works well. With black evening tops with sequins or stone work, dangle stone earrings and stone bracelets are a great idea. Tunics and tops with delicate beaded work should be balanced out with simple accessories, like a pair of pearl earrings and a classic pair of black pumps.