The Beauty of a Gadwal Saree

The Beauty of a Gadwal Saree

Gadwal sarees are a beautiful and ornate part of the rich Indian textile heritage. These sarees are produced in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh and were originally used as Puja or prayer sarees. A Gadwal sari is known for it rich look, brilliants colors and simple yet ornate zari work. The specialty of a traditional Gadwal sari is that the body is woven in cotton threads while the border and pallu are made of silk. This aspect of textile diversity attracts many women as it is unconventional and uncommon, even in India. This is done using a special weaving technique that maneuvers the weft thread. For this reason, the Gadwal is a preferred festive-wear saree which is also popularly worn for other formal occasions. In the last two decades, Gadwal sarees have come to be loved by women across the country. To suit the needs and preferences of modern women, pure silk Gadwal sarees and pure cotton Gadwal sarees are produced and widely purchased.

There are a number of different elements that work together to make the Gadwal sari such a beloved traditional garment. The Gadwal is known for featuring one color on the body of the saree and another on the border and the pallu. One of the main reasons why women prefer buying a Gadwal sari when exploring traditional Indian sarees is that the Gadwal shows some really brilliant contrasts as well as subtle and elegant distinctions with the option of subtle, well-spaced embellishments. The range of colors to choose from is very vast and tends to suit different style sensibilities as far as hues go.

The other attractive feature is that Gadwal sarees showcase luxurious and elaborate zari work on the border and the pallu, making them simply beautiful to behold and ideal for formal events. The zari embroidery on the pallu of a traditional Gadwal sari fills the width and breadth of the available area and is extremely intricate. It is not necessary that this work be done in strips or simple weaves; traditional patterns such as the nature inspired paisley and peacock motifs as well as others that are inspired by religious architecture are also used to embellish this classic saree. The border may be thick or thin and can usually be classified as traditional and modern. As embellishments in the saree go, most Gadwal sarees have tassels made from the warp filaments of the fabric itself. This gives the saree a beautiful look and also adds to the beauty of the wearer.

One of the variants of the Gadwal sari is the Sico Gadwal which makes use of a blend of cotton and silk threads. This variant is bought by many women who wish to retail the sheen of silk in their sarees but also want something lighter and affordably priced.

The latest Gadwal sarees however are showing embellishments in the entire saree as opposed to specific sections in the pallu. These embellishments can be done in zari as well as colorful threads that are woven into nature inspired motifs. Many women who prefer wearing sarees to work opt for this variant of the Gadwal saree as it is the perfect blend of the classic and the modern and lends just the right amount of formalness that a place of work requires.

It is interesting to note that since the Gadwal sari is a handloom textile it is considered as an important part of a bride’s trousseau and gifting the bride silk Gadwal sarees is a matter of pride in south India.

Styling Gadwal Sarees

The key to styling and accessorizing with the Gadwal sari is to enhance the traditional look of the saree. This, however, can be done using traditional jewelry and modern pieces, depending on the tastes of the wearer.

Color Blocking

One can buy heavy, colorful stone or bead costume jewelry to pair with a Gadwal saree. Women usually prefer choosing jewelry pieces in the color of the pallu. When interspersed with minute elements of gold such as a gold clasp or gold frame, it brings out the grandeur of the saree even further.

Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry can be worn with Gadwal sarees at any time although it is preferable to wear it for special occasions such as a party or a prayer ceremony. Gold jewelry accentuates the border and pallu of this saree beautifully while also adding an element of glamour and class to the whole look. Although, some of the most popular styles of traditional gold jewelry in India are Kundan and Polki, modern designs and motifs also go very well with this type of saree. Gold jewelry on luscious royal colors such as purple, scarlet and lush green also enhances the look of regality, making it the ideal party wear attire.