Infinite Options For Traditional Menswear in India

In a huge and diverse country like India, where climate and geography is as assorted as religion and culture, it’s not surprising that there are many different types of Indian men’s wear. Almost each and every part of the country has an Indian men’s dress that is distinctly their own.

From the kurtas in the north to the dhotis of the south to everything in between, men can be sure to find traditional menswear in India for every culture and fashion sense. With the plethora of choices in Indian men’s ethnic wear, Indian men dress up in a variety of clothes available in the market. During certain festivals, Indian men outfit themselves in a variety of different clothes that are considered traditional in their community or area.

Kurta Pajama

Embroidered Art Sil Kurta Churidar In Green Embroidered Art Silk Kurta Churidar In Wine Embroidered Art Silk Kurta Churidar In Green

The kurta pajama is one of the most common clothes worn by Indian men. This Clothing is generally worn in the north but has become quite popular in the south as well. The kurta pajama was introduced by the Mughals. It has been accepted and incorporated into the Indian fold. As the name would suggest, a kurta pajama consists of two parts: the pajama, which is a type of loose fitting trouser and the kurta, which is a long shirt worn as upper wear. The looseness of the kurta pajama, as well as its light weight, has made it the ideal choice during the summer heat.


Light Green Sherwani Jacquard Sherwani In Maroon And Golden Plain Dupion Silk Sherwani In Turquoise

Another important part of Indian men’s fashion is the sherwani. A sherwani can be called formal clothing due to the shape of the top as well as the cuts used. As a result, it is mostly worn for formal occasions such as religious ceremonies, important festivals and so forth. A sherwani is the top of the dress while on the bottom, men generally wear churidars; however, dhotis are also a popular alternative. Sherwanis are distinguished by their wide shoulders and padded chest which gives them a very regal and stately look.

Nehru Jackets

Brocade Nehru Jacket In Beige Brocade Nehru Jacket In Royal Blue And Golden Plain Linen Silk Nehru Jacket In Grey

Nehru jackets are also a very popular option when it comes to wearing Indian men’s clothes. A Nehru jacket can be a sleeveless or a full sleeved jacket, but it defining feature is its collar. The collar of a Nehru jacket is a high round neck collar. It is generally worn over a kurta with either pajamas or churidars worn below it.

Paithani Suits

Cotton Pathani Suit In Green Cotton Pathani Suit In White Cotton Pathani Suit In Pastel Blue

For Indian men, suits like the Paithani suit are a very important part of their wardrobe. A Paithani suit, along with Jodhpuri suits and other different types of Indian men’s suits are the quintessential Indian wear for formal occasions. The Paithani suit can either be very elaborate or simple depending on your taste.

These days, many fashion designers have combined the traditional looks and styles of menswear with cuts and designs from the west to create indo western clothing which has become really popular with the youth in India. The best part of indo western clothing is that it offers wears flexibility. It isn’t uncommon for them to be paired with western style leather shoes as well as Indian mojaris or jutis.

Traditional menswear  in India is very flexible as a whole. It can be made using a variety of fabrics and textiles. These range from traditional textiles such as cotton, linen, silk and so forth to modern synthetic materials such as polyester, lurex, etc. The same goes for the work done on these outfits; it can range from simple resham embroidery to elaborate zari, zarodsi, aari or booti work. Vibrant and attractive prints of such as Batik and Sanganeri are often used to decorate casual wear kurtas while zari borders and subtle embroidery is often featured on formal wear sherwanis.

Style Tips

For Indian men, costume options are also quite vast, especially when you consider the numerous festivals and occasions. So by adding a simple accessory to most Indian men’s clothes, one can have the perfect dress for any occasion. In fact, instead of buying a separate wedding dress for Indian men, most people just create their own through the right accessories. For many Indian men, wedding wear can be as simple as their best kurta pajama or sherwani, paired with an elaborate turban and

For many Indian men, wedding wear can be as simple as their best kurta pajama or sherwani, paired with an elaborate turban and mojaris to really accentuate their look. While the groom wears a red turban as well as juttis to his wedding, guests, as well as family members, wear pink turbans to weddings as a sign of respect. However, their headgear is usually simple and plain and not heavily embroidered.

Ethnic Indian wear may look tricky and confusing at first glance, but it is actually quite simple and straightforward. That is why, even after so many years it is still preferred by Indian men. “Clothes make the man” is how the saying goes, and the same can be said for any type of clothing regardless of the country of origin.