All About Men’s Shirts

All About Men’s Shirts

Shirts are one of the most commonly worn men’s wear items, both in western and Indian fashion. Men’s shirts are widely loved as they can be worn for a variety of occasions and exude a crisp and cool vibe which perfectly suits the masculine sense of style. While shirts for men are most commonly associated with western wardrobes, with the cross-cultural migration of styles and fabrics across borders there are many Indo Western styling options for men, shirts being amongst the most stylish and well-loved.

A men’s shirt is essentially an upper body garment that comes with a collar, sleeves with cuffs and a vertical opening down the front that is fastened using buttons. In the classic design, the sleeves are either full length or three fourths though nowadays half-sleeve or even sleeve less lengths are becoming popular.


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For men, shirt styles have evolved over the years to include many fun and trendy varieties which can be formal, semi-formal, casual or even festive. The Indian shirt for men is set apart by the use of Indian fabrics, designs, colors and patterns which adds an attractive ethnic flair to the structured style of these garments.

Fabrics for shirts

Some popular fabrics frequently seen in the shirt for men category are cotton and linen. These materials are particularly attractive because of how soft and comfortable they feel and are traditionally summer-wear fabrics. When it comes to Indian shirts, men can wear them throughout the year because of their high versatility quotient and flexible design.

However, certain fabrics like cotton and linen are more suited to warmer weathers. Linen can be worn in the winters as well, along with other cold weather fabrics like rayon and khadi. In terms of formal shirts, men will find conventional linen options as well as other interesting material choices like pure silk, art silk or other blended fabrics.

Indian shirts

Men’s designer shirts are frequently made of high-end, luxurious fabrics like taffeta as well as off-beat materials like ramie. They represent the most exclusive choices for men, incorporating the latest designs and styles. In these types of Indian shirts, men will find unique patterns and subtle ethnic motifs as well as perfect tailoring and top quality stitching.

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In general, Indian men’s shirt styles incorporate a little bit of Indian design, either within the fabric or embellished on to it. While the standard stripes and checks are commonly available and will always have a certain classic charm, ethnic men’s shirt designs which often include Indian motifs in some form are also very appealing. You’ll find a small embroidered peacock, paisley prints and embroidered borders, amongst other ethnic variations. Moreover for men, shirt fashion extends beyond the expected whites, blacks and greys. More vibrant hues like blue, red, green and purple are trendy colors which also fit in with the Indian color palette.

Along with this diversity in color and fabric in the shirt, men’s fashion also has a lot of different cuts and patterns. Indian designers often choose the longer shirt style that can be worn with pajamas or even salwars while the short, half-sleeve shirt style is a favorite for casual wardrobes. Linen is often used to create longer, looser shirt styles that give off a bohemian vibe.

Style it right

One of the best things about Indian shirts for men is that they can be worn with different types of pants. This versatility means they match well with Indian and western styles. For instance, a crisp cotton shirt worn with jeans is a great semi-formal look for hot summer days and formal shirts for men can be paired up with tailored trousers for daily office wear.

On the other hand, a long linen or khadi shirt paired with Indian pajamas has a casual, relaxed ethnic vibe. The one-of-a-kind appeal of Indian designer men’s shirts makes them highly appropriate for special occasions like parties. They can be worn with nehru jackets, colorful mojaris and a stylish Indian stole for an inimitably stylish and dashing look.

Bold colors as well as color contrasts within the shirt are some of the latest trends in men’s shirts. Parties, where one is expected to dress up and look good, are the perfect place to sport these trendy designs. One of the most stylish new patterns include the ‘border’ style fashion; these are shirts with a strip of color or embroidery in contrasting color included near the collar, along the buttons and/or the cuffs.

For more casual occasions, sporting the shirt tucked out (rather than the formal tucked in style) is appropriate. This will also provide the opportunity to wear less formal pants like kurta pajamas or jeans. For an ethnic vibe, jutis and Indian men’s dupattas or stoles can be added.