Stylish Indo Western Suits

Stylish Indo Western Suits

In the exciting world of fusions fashion, designers are constantly coming up with new and innovative garments combining the best of Indian and western styles. Some of these are brand new inventions, while others, like the indo western suit, are essentially updated versions of traditional Indian garments. Garments like these are designed to appeal to the sensibilities of modern women, who want to keep in touch with their ethnic roots, experiment with newer styles and maintain their comfort and flexibility too. In fact indo-western suits have even become popular amongst international fashionistas, because of their versatility and comfort as well as their unique ethnic style.

Indo western suits, like the classic salwar kameez, comprise of three pieces: the salwar or the pants, the kameez or the kurta (long shirt) and the dupatta or stole. However it also varies in a lot of significant ways, including the silhouette of the kameez, the cuts on the necks and the sleeve style, the length of the kurta, the shape of the pants and the types of fabrics and designs used. Like all indo western dresses for women, these tend to incorporate more contemporary cuts and patterns which add to the comfort, stylishness and beauty of the outfit. The trend is not just geared towards blending Indian and western patterns but also towards creating new patterns which have the best of both worlds. This makes the indo western dress for women fashionable, elegant and sophisticated at the same time.

A popular type of indo western salwar kameez is the one with a short kurta and baggy pants. This look is particularly trendy amongst young girls and has in fact been popularized by Bollywood movies. On the other hand, a calf-length kameez with the signature side split from the hip can also be a part of the indo western suits for women. These are typically paired with churidar leggings and a thin crushed crepe stole. In terms of silhouette, the western elements often come in with the fit which tends to be more fitted as compared to the loose-flowing traditional kurta. The western influences can also be seenwith a lot of the details of the indowestern suits, such as a high collar neck, buttons tie-up, straight lines of the pants and more. Some of these suits are also designed to be worn without the dupatta and this adds to the comfort and modernity.

A lot of the innovation which makes indo western outfits for women so popular occurs in the necks and sleeve region. Modern cuts like deep neck, key-hole neck, boat neck, mandarin collar and sweet heart neck are frequently seen in these outfits, sometimes even with deep backs or backless designs. In terms of sleeves the conventional half-sleeves are hardly ever seen as one can find unique styles, both bold and sophisticated, from puff-sleeves, sleeve-less, spaghetti sleeves and cap –sleeves to full-sleeves and three fourth sleeves. In fact many indo western ladies suits have a bold and daring look, since they don’t hesitate to experiment with sensual cuts and body-fitting silhouettes.

The innovation doesn’t end here, however: many indo western salwar suits also come with unique designs inspired by western evening gowns and Indian tunics. Thus one can find layered suits with net and velvet or chiffon and satin layers, often designed to emphasize the curves of a woman, as well as long salwar suits with a jacket and/or belt. In terms of the pants, too, different styles from loose pajama type pants and skirt pants to fitted leggings and tights can be paired up with an indo western kameez. The designs used are generally an amalgamation of Indian and western patterns, often utilizing Indian techniques of embroidery and embellishments to etch out western patterns of dots, flowers, stripes and artistic abstract shapes.

Trending Indo Western Suits

The indo western suit for women is quite versatile and can be worn at special occasions as well as for casual wear or informal parties. With the proper accessorizing, a cute and stylish look can be achieved effortlessly. For daily wear cotton or art silk suits with printed designs, the trendiest styling can be achieved by picking out contemporary yet ethnic jewelry like wooden bangles, terracotta necklaces and dokra earrings. This will match well with fusion vibe of the outfit. For the more elegant evening events, pearl jewelry sets will add a sophisticated aura to the salwar outfit.

A great way to accessorize is by pairing up the indo western salwar suit designs with the designs on the handbag. For instance an embroidered suit can be worn with anembroidered Indian handbag with the same types of designs while a more formal indo western dress with sequins should be paired with a sequins clutch.