Kanchipuram Sarees - A Finery from South India

Kanchipuram Sarees - A Finery from South India

Kancheepuram silk sarees are one of the most coveted sarees in India as the hand woven Kanchivaram silk has a texture and feel like no other fabric in India. Kancheepuram silk is made by weaving and twisting yarns of silk which makes any garment created with this fabric extremely sturdy.

They last a lifetime or longer when taken care of well and are extremely elegant. This garment stands out from other sarees mainly because of the contrast between the borders and the rest of the colors or patterns on the fabric.


Silk sarees in Kanchipuram are famous throughout the world and are worn most commonly in south Indian states such as Tamil Nadu. Some of these saris are also woven with gold cloth however; those are reserved for special occasions mostly and are not worn for informal events.

Unique Themes & Motifs on Kanchipuram Sarees

Some of the most common themes and motifs that are used on a Kancheepuram saree are nature-inspired, including the moon, the sun, a few stately chariots, majestic peacocks, lions, coins, swans, parrots flying or sitting on branches, leaves from different plants and mangoes. Another common recurring theme is a jasmine bud that is at the center of a square.

A Kancheepuram silk saree is mostly worn by affluent people in India as a sign of their social standing, which is why this saree is so majorly coveted by all. One of the best things about wearing Kancheepuram sarees is that they add a large amount of elegance to your overall look as the fall of the saree and the pallu is extremely straight and has a sturdy, starched look to it.

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However, pure Kancheepuram sarees are extremely soft to touch and one can tell that the silk that is used is of high quality just by feeling the fabric with one’s fingers.For any woman, Kancheepuram pattu sarees are the pinnacle of elegance when it comes to Indian ethnic wear. These sarees can be worn to formal events and they certainly help one stand out in the crowd.

The best part is that since the garment itself is so rich and vibrant, one can even get away with minimal accessorizing by making the saree the centre of attention.

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Styling your Kanchipuram Sarees

The styling for a Kancheepuram wedding saree is crucial; it can either perfectly enhance the look or completely ruin the saree. The best way to accessorize any saree, no matter what it is made of, is to pair it with high heeled shoes as they compliment the overall fall and grace of the saree and add so much to the look.

Flat shoes should definitely be avoided when you’re wearing a saree as the effect won’t be as elegant as it would if you were wearing stilettos or any other heeled shoe. A good tip is to pick out metallic heels with a gold glitter to off-set the beautiful gold sheen of the sarees.

In terms of the jewelry, certain classic pieces are preferred. Indian jewelry is certainly a must when it comes to Indian ethnic wear. However, nowadays, celebrities have been seen experimenting with western jewelry sets as well, which adds a certain edge to the look.

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Gold sets as well as Kundan sets look great with designer Kancheepuram sarees, especially for formal occasions. For a more fun look, one can also pair this outfit with a stylish Meenakari necklace. Women also opt for ethnic jewelry like bangles or a gold bracelet to add a feminine verve to the over-all look. Rings are more optional; some women want to imitate the ‘Rekha’ look and hence pile on the jewelry.

Others may prefer chunky street jewelry in bronze or silver, with modern designs. An elegant and minimalistic vibe can be achieved by going for subtle accessories like a stone studded pendant and/or dangling earrings. Pure Kancheepuram silk sarees are so rich in design that any jewelry worn should complement the outfit rather than overwhelm it or take away from it.

The latest Kanchipuram silk sarees can be worn with modern handbags such as metallic clutches or sequin purses. However, for a totally ethnic look, opt for Indian handbags such as cutdana handbags, moti work handbags or clutches with Indian embroidery on them. An artistic, bold bindi on the forehead will add an unbeatably ethnic vibe; at the same time, this look is very trendy right now. For a really traditional south Indian look, adorn your hair with jasmine flowers to add that feminine touch.