Look Ultra-Traditional in Kasavu or Kerela Sarees

Look Ultra-Traditional in Kasavu or Kerela Sarees

The contemporary pastel shades of the Kerela Sarees with vibrant hues of embroideries are an enchanting blend of innovation, awe-inspiring beauty and hard work of the craftsmen. Presently pastel shades and many earthy shades like Beige, off white, and golden are in vogue.

Kerala is increasingly gaining professional competence in the arena of beauty and fashion. Malayalees have always been recognized for their sense of aesthetics. They have a special taste for fashion and it is being reflected in the varying trends that are seen in their dress.

Kerala Kasavu Saree

Kerela Kasavu Saree is considered to be the traditional saree .This 6-yard wonder dress when wrapped around the body adds absolute grace and elegance to a woman’s body which cannot be matched with any other dress.

During the popular festival of Onam, women wear a two-piece garment. Kerela sarees are considered to be the result of patience and hard work rendered by experienced hands. All Kerela sarees are represented a considerable investment of time or money. Kerela sarees are worn for the charismatic effect.


Designers put their strenuous efforts to give a new look to the saree. They tried to put elaborate paisleys, floral, or figurative accent elements as designs in the Kerela sarees. These ornate designs will create excitement amongst the fashion conscious women. Kerela sarees are sure to arouse sensation around. Many fine fabrics of rich Indian heritage used in the making of these ornate sarees.

An exotic range of Kerela saris is splashed in the plethora of designs and styles during the festive season. On the whole, we can say that each piece of designer saree has finest elegance and craftsmanship that celebrates the Feminine attire.