Trendy and Chic Ladies’ Knitted Tunics

Trendy and Chic Ladies’ Knitted Tunics

Knitted tunics are all the rage in nations with cooler climes. Ideal for every women, a knitted tunic is flattering to different body types and shapes. Knitted tunics made of pure wool are ideal for the cold season while those made from mixes of cotton and wool or wool and synthetic fibers are ideal for autumn and early spring. Regardless of the fibers that are used, the essence of knitted tunic tops is to use machines to create a knitted look. Available in both Western as well as ethnic Indian styles, there are many takers for both in the Indian market.

Similar to manual knitting, there are a variety of patterns that can be created in this style of tunic tops; the only difference is in the aesthetics of woolen fibers. In a knitted tunic, pattern and styles are extremely important. For instance a plain knit gives a simple look of understated elegance that is preferred by many. The popularity of this style emerges from its inherent capability to use a number of different colors and accessory types to embellish the top. A grandma knit top, for instance, is a tunic top that has winding vine patterns down the front of the top. On the other hand, ethnic Indian knitted tunic patterns usually flaunt motifs of flowers and are beautiful to behold. Indian tunics also play a lot on the color scheme of the garments. Bold colors combinations such as lavender and blue, black and off-white or orange and deep red are popular in the Indian market. In contrast, Western color schemes are more subtle and toned down. Pastels or deep solid shades like pale blue or royal purple are more closely associated with Western patterns. Depending on their personal styles and occasion, women shop for both. However, ethnic variants of ladies knitted tunics are a lot more popular as office wear while Western styles are more commonly seen during parties and other social gatherings.

Knitted tunics for women with ethnic patterns and designs are very popular during winters among younger as well as older demographics. Women prefer pairing these with solid colored leggings, preferably knitted too, along with an ethnic patterned shawl to complete the ensemble. The patterns on the tunics can be seen on the neckline of the tunic as well as along the hem or at times, the bodice. The sleeves may or may not be embellished in a specific pattern based on their length and the creative vision of the designer. However, besides intricate patterning, one of the most sought out forms of embellishments on these tunics is bows made from long strings at the neck. Small pockets that are placed just below the hips are also very trendy style in Indian knitted tunics. Women prefer wearing these kurtis or tunic tops to work and other formal venues and occasions.

knitted tunic dresses are trendy, stylish and highly sought after. Worn by women from across the globe, a knitted tunic dress is unconventional and versatile. Women, who wish to show off their stunning legs, usually prefer to wear them as standalone pieces. Right from cap sleeves and butterfly sleeves to sleeveless and full sleeved variants, there are a plethora of knitted tunic dress pattern types to choose from.

Styling and Accessorizing Techniques for Knitted Tunics

One of the easiest ways to style a knitted tunic top is to pair it with a snug-fitting metallic hued bottom wear garment like leggings or skinny fit pants. For instance, a gray tunic can be paired with a pair of charcoal legging or a beige knitted tunic can be perfectly complemented by a pair of bronze-gold pants.

Beaded jewelry also highlights the beauty of knitted tunic tops in a classy manner. For instance, chunky beaded necklaces can be used to attain an earthy look, especially when worn in colors like brown or green. Multi-string pearl necklaces add grace and elegance to the overall look by contrasting the closeness of the knit by the lightness of the pearls. Statement pieces don’t necessarily work with a knitted tunic top, which is why beads are better, so that the detailing is spread across a wider area.

One can also sport colorful bangles along with loose fitted knitted tunics to complete the look. Preferably in the color of the pattern on the tunic top, wooden bangles or metallic bangles can amp up the look in just the right way. Bangles add a little more weight and heaviness to the overall look without making it too gaudy.