Lehenga Style Sarees: Quick & Elegant Drapes

Lehenga Style Sarees: Quick & Elegant Drapes

Sarees are one of the most popular and fashionable Indian clothes recognized the world over for their sophisticated grace and beauty. These have been worn by Indian women for many years and as a consequence there are many regional variations.

However now that sarees are fashionable amongst modern women, designers have started experimenting with the form to try and create something that can be convenient and easy to wear as well as elegant; the most successful trend is that of the lehenga sari. These sarees are completely unique as they are a two in one combination of the beautiful lehenga choli and the elegant saree.

Hassle-free draping

They have a big convenience factor as one does not need to learn draping or pleating to wear them; the sari look can be achieved without any of the attendant wrapping hassles. They are completely ready to wear and simply have to be slipped on and tucked in place. Unlike a conventional sari, no draping is required with this outfit.

The convenience it offers is the main advantage of this garment. A saree can be quite finicky to wear since the long piece of cloth has to be pleated, tucked and draped correctly over the blouse to ensure the final look isn’t sloppy. In contrast, a lehenga choli consists of a fitted skirt and blouse, quite easy to manage.

Net Lehenga Style Saree

Lehenga sarees combine these two as they consist of a skirt with the ‘pallu’ attached. The skirt section consists of pre-stitched pleats, often in the form of decorated panels, which have to be tucked into the petticoat (which has to be worn just like with a regular sari).

Thus the hassle of pleating is done away with. Moreover, the skirt comes with a distinctive flared cut with a zip or hook to ensure snug fit. The attached ‘pallu’ or long piece of extended fabric is then draped over the shoulder. The simple ‘tuck and drape’ mechanism of wearing it greatly simplifies the dressing up process for the wearer. It is worn with a petticoat as well as a blouse, though the blouse typically resembles a ‘choli’ rather than a saree blouse.

It is slightly longer and often decorated with plenty of embellishments to match or complement the saree. In looks therefore lehenga saris resemble the lehenga and the saree; unlike the pre-stitched saree, which is designed to resemble a real saree, these outfits have a distinctive design which takes the elegance and sophistication to another level altogether.

Ample of hues, fabrics, and styles

Lehenga saree designs tend to be quite ornate as these garments are not meant for casual wear. Like lehengas, they often come with a lot of beautiful patterns all over the fabric, made of stones, sequins, beads, appliqué work, kantha worn, Kundan work and much more. One can also find regional designs like cut bead, zari, Resham, zardosi, chikankari, Phulkari, Kasab, Bagh etc.

fucshia-blue-lehenga-stlyle-saree jacquard-lehenga-style-saree-with-blouse velvet-and-net-lehenga-style-saree-with-blouse

Some of the latest designs have large, richly decorated borders or colorful velvet patch borders. While fabrics like silk, georgette and chiffon are frequently used because of their soft, feminine and body hugging appeal, more extravagant materials can also be employed to create a designer lehenga saree. Net, velvet, satin and brocade are expensive fabrics which can only be worn for extremely special occasions.

One can often find bridal lehenga sarees made of extensively hand-embroidered brocade and ultra-luxurious silk; bridal outfits also tend to be more intensely decorated than other varieties, with glittering ornamentation with beads and pearls. This is because brides might wear lehenga sarees for the convenience and comfort but they still want to look regal and grand on their special day.

In terms of color, any lehenga sarees collection will display the colors of the rainbow; after all, these are ethnic outfits for special occasions. Hence one can find traditional shades like red, maroon, saffron and emerald as well as turquoise, navy, forest green, mint green, yellow, purple and pink.

Style tips

Many people wonder how to wear lehenga saree styles without looking too modern, but in fact, this type of saree looks elegantly traditional once draped. The ‘traditional’ aspect can often depend on the amount of work on the saree and the kind of accessories used. For instance, a lehenga sari with plenty of traditional embellishments and motifs should be paired up with Kundan necklaces and Polki earrings for an ornate wedding look.


On the other hand, for a party or special event women may want to look modern with just a hint of ethnic glamour; in that case, too, one can find sophisticated designer lehenga sarees with a luxurious look but more subtle designs and artistic modern patterns. Such sarees will pair well with American diamond jewelry and/or stone studded earrings in glittering colors.

One can also get a lehenga saree with price tags that are more reasonable, for less formal occasions or less important wedding ceremonies like the sangeet. For such occasions, a rayon lehenga saree or one made of faux fabrics like faux georgette or faux chiffon might be more suited; pair it up with a complete pearl jewelry set and white clutch with gold zari work. Lehenga sarees also pair well with the new trend of wearing only a large pair of dangle earrings with the outfit.