Long Tunics And Kurtas: Your Staple Workwear

Long Tunics And Kurtas: Your Staple Workwear

The trendy quotient of a tunic is at an all-time high; designers are experimenting with this stylish garment and every catalog, whether high-fashion or high street, expensive or budgeted, is flaunting different tunic styles. Indian fashion is no stranger to this trend, as the Indian kurta, an ethnic version of the long tunic and kurta, has been a staple in Indian women’s wardrobes for many years. With the exciting global confluences in fashion and designs, one can find both Indian and western style long tunics in a fantastic range of colors, fabrics, and patterns.

Variety of Styles

Indian style long tunic and kurtas differ in their basic cut and pattern from the western variations. They typically come with full-sleeves and either a placket neck opening or a simple round neck. Their silhouette is composed of straight lines, neither shapeless nor tightly fitted, but somewhere in the middle. Though this is the ‘traditional’ pattern, it is by no means the most popular one. In fact, nowadays a lot of new cuts have become very popular. In sleeves, one can find half sleeves,


In fact, nowadays a lot of new cuts have become very popular. In sleeves, one can find half sleeves, three-fourth sleeves and sleeveless as well as interesting variations like cap sleeves or puff sleeves. The necklines, too, can vary from deep v-necks and sweetheart necklines to the trendy Nehru collar necks. Similarly, the simple, straight cut, boat neck style of the western style long tunic dress is not the only type of silhouette available; high-neck lines, full-sleeves, spaghetti straps, low-cut backs and key-hole necklines are just a few of the varieties one can buy.

Flattering Silhouettes For Every Body Type

Nevertheless, despite these variations in pattern, tunics are always distinguished by their fitted yet flowing silhouette. This is because the key attraction of long tunics for women is how effortlessly they combine comfort with style. They are designed to embrace the curves of a woman without becoming too restrictive and their relaxed cut is flattering for a variety of body types. The length also adds an element of modesty, while at the same time, the style of neck and sleeves can be experimented with to enhance the sensual quotient.

Myriad of Fabrics

Women’s long tunic tops are typically made of adaptable and comfortable fabrics like linen, though other materials like rayon, polyester, artificial silk and crepe can also be used. Silk is used to make party wear tunics and typically these come with a bit of embroidery and shiny embellishments to add to the glamour of the outfit.

A long tunic sweater for winters would be made of wool, while long tunic tank tops for hot days would be made of absorbent cotton or cotton knitted fabrics. Cotton is also the perfect fabric for plus size long tunics for curvier women. Fabrics like chiffon and georgette are used to make soft, flatteringly cut long tunic tops women can wear when they want to look attractive in an elegant, understated manner.

Style Tips

Women often specifically buy long tunics to wear with leggings, another trendy item particularly loved by young girls and working women. Leggings offer a lot of comfort and movement, but the material they are made of is typically too thin to wear with a short top, which is why the long tunic top is the perfect choice to go with leggings.

Many designers are coming up with long tunic tops to wear with leggings in pre-set combinations; however the versatility of the tunic means it can always be mixed and matched with ease. Experimenting with contrasting colors and patterns is one of the hottest new trends; one can buy plain long tunics for leggings with bright prints of stripes, dots and shapes. To add a bit of ethnic flair, pick out printed leggings with Indian motifs and tribal patterns.

Another ethnic style that is emerging as a fashion favorite today is the ‘dori-tied’ kurti or kurta, in which the back of the tunic is tied, using colorful strings. This style is typically combined with extra long tunic tops with the ‘Anarkali’ silhouette (similar to the empire-waist one) and should be dressed up with metallic Indian necklaces, bangles and anklets. In terms of casual wear, printed tunics with ethnic patterns are very trendy. You can wear them with oxidized jewelry or wooden necklace sets.

The high level of comfort that tunics offer means that casual style long tunic tops for women are the most popular and commonly seen. However, with the correct styling they can just as easily be semi-formal or formal as well. For instance, long tunic shirts with buttons and a smart belt could be an appropriate office look, especially when combined with a leather handbag. On the other hand, a party wear long tunic can be paired up with a stone studded necklace and/or dangling earrings for a glamorous party look.