Appeal of Indo Western Suits for Men

Appeal of Indo Western Suits for Men

With globalization and the shrinking world, cultural confluence and cross cultural influence has become a deeply ingrained reality of our world. This is true for all aspects of culture, including all types of fashions for men and women. Today, Indian and ethnic clothing has made its way to western countries, where designers are constantly utilizing Indian silhouettes, designs and drapes in their runway collections. On the other hand, many western clothes are not only considered wardrobe staples in India in their pure form, they have also been adapted into Indian designs and styles. Fusion garments such as indo western suits for men are the latest trend in India and abroad and are much appreciated for their seamless blend of ethnic and western fashion sensibilities.

Men’s indo western suits are an Indian take on the classic suit and trousers outfit. This staple of formal western wear is known for its tailored look, smart fit and muted tones, which create a very distinguished and impressive vibe for the wearer. In the west, suits can be worn with a shirt, vest and tie (called the three piece suit) or simply with a shirt and/or tie. The more formal the look, the more garments are added under the suit. The indo western suit for men is typically worn only with a shirt or at the most, a tie, as it does not really match the strict formality of the three piece look. At the same time, there are plenty of indo western suits for men’s wear which have an extremely formal look and would be appropriate for meetings, office wear and business conferences.

However, when it comes to indo western suits for men, wedding functions are the intended occasion for which they are brought much of the time. For many men, indo western suits present the perfect balance between traditional and modernity. Additionally, they also offer a lot of comfort and versatility. By donning an indo western suit, men with modern tastes can fit in with the ethnic atmosphere without giving up on their favored sense of style, in which they are most comfortable.

What really sets men’s indo western suits apart from their western variations is the fact that they come with beautiful ethnic designs in the form of embroidered plackets, detailed work around the neckline, embellished borders or subtle brocade work all over the suit. Designers tend to retain the classic cut and look of the suit but choose to enhance it with cleverly placed detailing done using exquisite Indian techniques such as zari, resham, booti, aari, sequins, cut dana or beads work.

Men’s designer indo western suits are the most exclusive and attractive options, distinguished by their use of gorgeous Indian textiles and a slightly more innovative silhouette that combines the imposing, well-fitted sherwani fit with the tailored cut of the suit. They may also come with the distinct high collars associated with Nehru jackets, which gives the suit a very regal look. Designer indo western suits for men are frequently made of finely woven brocades which have subtle gold or silver thread designs displayed all over the suit. They may also be made of other beautiful fabrics such as Jacquard silk, satin and velvet, which will suit their formal and opulent look. There are also many designer indo western suits men can wear for semi-formal occasions and these will be made of blended cotton and silk fabrics, rayon and other affordable and less luxurious looking materials.

In terms of colors, the range varies from rich gold, silver, red and maroon shades for wedding occasions and muted black, grey, beige and white shades for formal meetings and office wear. A great way to explore and discover different hues and designs is by shopping for indo western suits for men online from a reliable ethnic portal. Window shopping becomes extremely easy as online stores have all the options arranged in a very accessible and easy to browse catalog.

Exploring Indo Western Suits

Indo western suits for men started off as a high fashion, designer trend, but over time, they have become a common feature at special occasions across India and even in other countries. One of the major contributing factors in this increase in popularity is the fact that many Bollywood actors have chosen to wear these stylish and attractive garments on and off the screen. This has increased the glamour and sophistication attached to these outfits and made them a favorite for weddings and festivals.

When wearing indo western suits, men should be careful to style them according to the occasion at hand. Thus, for weddings, ethnic accessories such as embroidered mojaris, men’s dupattas and Men’s turbans can be worn to draw attention to the beauty of the ethnic designs on the outfit. In more formal, business situations men can choose to style them in a completely western manner, with polished leather shoes, smart ties and branded watches.