Regal Beauty of the Jodhpuri Dress

Regal Beauty of the Jodhpuri Dress

The Jodhpuri dress, also called the Jodhpuri suit or simply the Jodhpuri, is an elegant, suave and attractive Indian garment worn by men for parties, formal occasions and traditional events. Jodhpuri suits are considered one of the most regal and opulent formal wear outfits for men in India but they are not as old or as traditional as many people believe them to be. In fact, the Jodhpuri sherwani is a relatively recent innovation that was designed for the Maharaja of Jodhpur because he required an outfit that would combine all the splendor and beauty of Indian designs with a smart and modern western cut and silhouette (essentially, the cut of the western suit or frock coat outfit). This is why this outfit is called a Jodhpuri dress. Today, of course, it has gone much beyond this local origin and is in-demand across India and the world for its royal, dashing look.

A Jodhpuri dress for men can be either two-piece or three-piece, depending on how ornate the outfit is and how western of a look is required. The typical structure would include a thick, coat-like sherwani (or kurta) with a bandh-gala (closed neck) that reaches at least till the knees, worn over a simple shirt or kurta that is typically not visible and a pair of matching trousers inspired by the close-fitting Indian churidars. A dupatta or stole would also sometimes be added. Nowadays, many men prefer to simply go for the closed neck Jodhpuri dresses and trousers without any additional under shirt, kurta or dupatta. This simplistic look creates a much more western silhouette. Sometimes, a vest is added to further enhance the opulent yet classy look of the outfit.

The main appeal of the Jodhpuri dress for man lies in its seamless combination of western and Indian aesthetics. This outfit takes the best of both worlds and melds it in one rich, opulent package that makes the man look and feel royal. The close-fitting cut, use of thick fabrics and padding around the chest creates a very attractive silhouette for the wearer, while the imposing designs and patterns add that unbeatable ethnic flair. The most opulent and rich looking varieties would be the Jodhpuri dress for groom wear. Just like the bride is expected to be the most ornately dressed woman in the room, the groom is expected to be the most richly dressed man. This is not only a fashion norm but is also considered auspicious and appropriate as per cultural norms. The classic, flattering yet rich look of Jodhpuri clothes makes them the perfect choice for wedding wear. Typically, the Jodhpuri dress worn by the groom will have detailed, intricate embroidery and embellishment work all over the outfit, as well as woven designs in the fabric itself. It will also be made of richer, more opulent materials such as silk and brocades.

Jodhpuri dresses for men’s wear can be of many different types. The party wear and wedding menswear varieties tend to be more richly decorated, with zari, zardosi, cut dana, ek taar, resham, crystal and beads work (to name just a few). These can be concentrated in one part of the outfit, such as along the bandhgala (Mandarin collar or high Nehru collar), along the placket or along the borders; or, they can be scattered all over the garment in a subtle, sparse yet eye-catching pattern. The fabric itself can often come woven with intricate gold and silver motifs of Indian designs such as flowers, birds, trees etc. Typically, thickly woven silk brocades, velvet and satin are preferred for special occasions, while finer silks, cotton, cotton-silk, crepe and georgette are reserved for semi-formal events. One can also find plain, light-weight Jodhpuri dresses for men’s wear with a smart and formal look that can be worn for formal dinners, business meetings etc.

The traditional colors used in the Jodhpuri dresses for men include beige, tan, gold, cream, tan, fawn, honey and other such pale, yet luxurious shades; often, these come with subtle, shimmering gold and silver designs. On the other hand, nowadays, men are more open to experimentation and may opt to don Jodhpuri suits in bolder colors such as deep red, forest green, mustard yellow and so on. Simple suits in black, brown, grey or white are preferred for office events or formal occasions.

Styling it Right

Jodhpuri dresses are one of those classy, timeless pieces that can be worn for any kind of formal and/or ethnic occasion and be considered stylish. Nowadays, the influence of Bollywood and designer trends has made certain unconventional styles of wearing Jodhpuri clothes stylish; for instance, rather than pairing them with churidars, men choose to pair them with dhotis. This look can be beautifully completed with a pair of embroidered mojaris with designs matching the designs on the clothing.