High On Style Kurta Pyjamas To Nail The Traditional Look

High On Style Kurta Pyjamas To Nail The Traditional Look

Kurta pajama is one of the most traditional and popular menswear in India. This two piece garment was first introduced in India in the medieval ages, around the time the Mughals arrived in the then Hindustan, which they went on to rule. Many cultural influences from the Mughal way of life permeated the Indian lifestyle, including various types of clothing styles for men as well as women.

For men, traditional kurta pyjamas eventually became the staple clothing, especially in daily wear. In the last century, western clothing has taken precedence in menswear, especially in urban Indian centers. Nevertheless, when it comes to traditional and Indian wear, it is the men’s kurta pyjama that is considered the obvious and most appropriate choice. It is till today worn not just for traditional ceremonies, festivals and weddings but also as casual wear.

The traditional kurta pajama for men has two essential components, the upper wear garment called the kurta and the bottom wear garment called the pyjama. The kurta is a loose, long shirt or tunic that has remained more or less unchanged from its original form. It is made by combining two pieces of cloth into one loose, straight fitting garment that ends just above the knees, though longer and shorter lengths are also available in the market.

Embroidered Art Silk Kurta Churidar in Black Embroidered Art Silk Kurta Churidar in Royal Blue Brown Embroidered Kurta Pajama

It has long sleeves which come with a distinctive straight cut (as opposed to tapering towards the wrists) and are always hemmed and trimmed rather than cuffed. A kurta can be worn with a lot of different Indian and western trousers but typically, it is paired with the loose and comfortable pyjama. The pyjama comes with a drawstring that allows it to fit in a manner that is neither too loose nor too tight.

The main appeal of the kurta pyjama for men lies in its versatility and traditional design. It is in fact an immensely comfortable outfit. It also has a very ethnic, traditional look. Many simply choose it to wear it at traditional ceremonies and events, but the younger generation are increasingly opting for latest kurta pyjama designs to wear even on a daily basis. For many men, wearing this outfit on a daily basis is an expression of their commitment to their heritage and culture; for others, it is a stylish statement of their preference for ethnic fashion.

Myriad Of Choices

There are different kurta pajama styles in the market, which can be differentiated on the basis of a number of factors, from sleeve length and neckline to fabric, color and designs. The silhouette itself is standard across the market but the look can change if a vest, dupatta or waistcoat is added to the outfit. This neckline is used by designers to add a distinctive look to the kurta pyjama. Many of the designer kurta pyjama options tend to have high collars, deep v-neck and other such eye-catching variations which add to the over-all look of the outfit.

The fabric plays a huge role in determining the look of this outfit. Most daily wear kurta pajamas are made of the comfortable and breathable cotton fabric which is perfect for the loose, straight fitted kurta outfit. One can also find other affordable materials like rayon, polyester and cotton blends as well as the indigenous varieties like khadi and jute, which have a rough and attractive beauty of their own.

Embroidered Raw Silk Kurta Churidar in Red Blue Embroidered Kurta Pajama

On the high end of the kurta pajama scale, one can find such fine fabrics as georgette, organza and different varieties of silk being used. The opulent and gorgeous designer kurta pajamas for men may even be made of luxury materials like intricately woven brocade, smooth satin and rich velvet. Vibrant printed fabrics may also be used to create a more funky look.

Designs of kurta pyjama tend to be subtle and ethnic. Usually, decorative trims, borders and embellishments are created along the edges of the kurta and along the neckline, utilizing regional work such as resham, zari, zardosi and patch border work, to name just a few.

Style Tips

The traditional kurta pyjama has always been an excellent festive wear choice for men but of late, it has become something of a trend as well. Men can wear kurta pyjamas for all types of occasions as there is a lot of variety in this type of garment.

Typically, the printed and dyed varieties are preferred for daily wear whereas the embellished, embroidered varieties are preferred for formal occasions. Men even have the flexibility to don a plain and simple white or beige kurta pyjama made of silk for special occasions. They can accessorize this ethnic look with a pair of leather mojaris and a red men’s wear dupatta.