Stylish Men’s Party Wear Outfits

Stylish Men’s Party Wear Outfits

When it comes to interesting outfits for men, party wear garments with an ethnic twist are some of the most attractive ones in the market. These garments are designed to be worn for formal and semi formal events and are considered to be more stylish and opulent than the ones for casual wear. When it comes to Indian ethnic attire, there is a whole host of garments designed for men. Party dress can be defined as a garment intended only for parties and this should be noted while on the lookout for such garments. Judging these garments on the basis of daily wear is not a good idea because they will definitely not fit the bill then.

When it comes to garments for men, party wear dress can come in different forms or styles. Of the many variants that are available in the market, the sherwani is one of the most popular ones of the lot. This garment has an extremely distinctive look and can be spotted easily even in a crowd. It has two main components, though a third can also be added at times to add more dimensions to the outfit. The first is the kurta. This kurta is usually a knee length top though it can sometimes be longer than the knees. This depends on the style of the garment itself. This is accompanied by churidar pants that are well fitting and create a series of gathers around the ankle for an interesting and ethnic visual effect. This is one of the most popular garments when it comes to men party wear dresses. These are known for making the shoulders look broader as well as making men look taller because of the column like silhouette that gets created when this is worn. The third component that can be added to this garment comes in the form of a stole or even a vest. Both of these are purely individual aesthetic choices that depend on the person who is planning to wear the garment. In some cases, the vest lends a more formal and extremely contemporary look to the garment while the stole highlights a more ethnic look. Therefore the decision is usually made on the basis of the look that one is going for during any event. Both are considered to be equally appropriate for formal events such as weddings or ceremonies. This garment is made of heavy fabrics such as silk, cotton silk, velvet and khadi and usually has a lot of embroidery work or embellishments on it as opposed to being the plain casual wear varieties. Some sherwanis have a collar that closes around the throat. These are known as bandh galas and are also extremely popular. They have a slightly more formal and classic appeal to them as opposed to open collared sherwani garments. These are more preferred by Indian men. Party wear garments can have both, an open collar and a closed one as well.

When it comes to other men party wear suits, Indian garments such as kurta pajama can also be worn for formal occasions or events, as well as semi formal ones. These are light and not as richly decorated as sherwanis but are extremely respectable garments nonetheless. They are made of two main components: the knee length kurta and the churidar pants. This is usually made of lighter fabrics such as cotton and is much looser than sherwanis. While the latter is meant to be a well fitted outfit, the former can be loose and slightly casual in nature.

Styling for Men Party Wear Clothes

When it comes to accessories for men, party wear suits are one of the few garments designed for this gender that can be accessorized easily, no matter what the style or type really is. This makes them extremely versatile in nature as one can create a variety of looks depends on ones taste. For example, when it comes to a sherwani for men, one of the best ways to add a contemporary touch to the garment is to pair it with an interesting vest. This can be embroidered or printed, as long as it matches with the garment underneath well. For a more ethnic touch, men can add an embroidered stole to their outfit to create a highly ‘Indian’ look. Both looks are equally appropriate for formal events and are considered to be interesting takes on the garment itself.

For weddings, many men also like to accessorize with a turban. Depending on the closeness of the man in question to the person getting married, either a plain pink turban or an elaborately embroidered turban can be worn with any outfit in question. This is not just a fashion accessory but also a sign of respect.