Mundu Sarees

Kerela Mundu is especially a two-piece saree with a beautiful tribal elegance. It is worn by natives of Kerela in several ways.

Let us put the steps into wearing this saree. Firstly, you need to put the first wrap of fabric around your body in a right to left direction. After that, the first wrap is tucked into the petticoat thereby making sure to keep the bottom edge at the desired length and for the Mundu, this is floor length.

Then, line up the mundi stripe straight down in the middle of your body tuck in and wrap around your body. After that, you must tuck the top border within the petticoat at the right hip and then tuck the entire waist in evenly around.

Now, you need to gather up the remaining cloth using your right hand and make two large pleats towards the outside. The stripe must be centered on the outside fold. You have to tuck it over your right hip thereby lining up the bottom edge of the pleats with the lower border. Now, tuck the pleats within the petticoat and straighten it. Tuck the top corner in and draw the cloth behind you.

Before placing the pleats on your left shoulder as well as fanning them out over your chest, you need to line up the pleats and fold them perfectly. The mundu does wrap around the body just like pallu end of the sari in nivi drape. You can even form the pleats on the shoulder one at a time and then pin them to the pallu.

The mundu wraps around the body in a similar fashion of the pallu end of the saree in the nivi drape.

Walking down the beaches of Kerela, you will confront working women wearing a varied outfit of a printed lungee on the bottom along with a simple handloomed towel over their shoulders. Wearing alone the choli isn’t proper but a small strip of towel obscuring the breast area.