Men's Traditional Clothing in Pakistan

Men's Traditional Clothing in Pakistan

Pakistani men’s clothes include a wide variety of ethnic outfits, which fit in with the general styles found in the Indian subcontinent but at the same time differ in a few small but significant details that set them apart. Men’s Pakistani clothes are those menswear garments that have developed in this particular region and reflect the traditions and culture of the place in every aspect, from the textiles used to the kinds of embroidery and designs displayed.

For Pakistani men, clothing typically includes options like kurta pajamas, sherwanis, and Pathani suits. There is a lot of overlap with Indian styles since both these regions share a common history; both countries have a strong Mughal influence in their traditional dress styles.

What sets Pakistani clothes for men apart is that they typically use very light-weight fabrics which are highly comfortable while also being very durable and strong. They also come with subtle embroidery which adds a lush and traditional vibe while still being under-stated and elegant.

Both classic and modern styles are popular in Pakistani men’s fashion circles. While the traditional varieties which incorporate older silhouettes, conventional color combinations and intricate embroidery look great for ceremonies and festivals.

The younger generation may prefer the more modern styles which embrace new styles and present the perfect fusion of western and Pakistani designs. For Pakistani men, clothes are more than just things to wear on your back; they are a representative of your status and importance. So wearing well-tailored, luxurious outfits gives off a vibe of affluence and distinction.

Kurta Pajama

The kurta pajama is a great combination for casual and semi-casual events; there are also fancy varieties which can be worn for parties and special occasions. This is a very comfortable Pakistani dress for men, known for the loose and airy fit of the pants and accommodating kurta design. At the same time, the use of stylish color combinations and ethnic embroideries can enhance the glamour factor of these outfits.

blue-kurta-pajama white-embroidered-kurta white-kurta-nehru-jacket

They come with different types of sleeve-lengths, with full sleeve being the most common while three-fourth sleeves and half sleeves are rapidly gaining in popularity. The placket and collar neck is the traditional favorite but nowadays round and v-necks are seen as well as shorter kurta lengths.


Sherwanis are an example of formal wear Pakistani clothes that men can wear for weddings and other important events. They are much better fitting that the kurta, designed to show off the contours of the chest muscles; it is an outfit impossible to look bad in since it is designed to bring out the best side of any man who wears it.

The most expensive varieties will be made of materials like brocade, velvet, satin and silk while more affordable items might utilize cotton silk, polyester or faux versions of fabrics. They typically come with gold thread work either all over the salwar or near the borders and the collars. The wedding sherwanis usually come with appliqué, stones and beads work to suit the occasion.

embroidered-sherwani sherwani-blue black-sherwani

Other interesting variations include Pathani suits which are traditional and beloved Pakistani dresses for men. They have a distinctively long kurta with a unique collar neck and are worn with loose and comfy pants. It has a dashing ethnic vibe which just cannot be matched. The artistic neckline is often off-centre and offers the perfect opportunity to showcase Pakistani craftsmanship with traditional designs of zari, cutdana and patch border work.

Trends to look for

For Pakistani men, dress styles have evolved a lot over the years. Now, international influences can be seen in every aspect of the design, from the silhouette to the types of materials used to the embroidery employed. This also gives these outfits a global audience.

The distinctive silhouettes of the sherwani and Pathani suits can be seen on ramps around the world. Some of the traditional favorites which are also emerging as modern day hits are fabrics like Banarsi silk and brocade.

The luxuriousness of these fabrics makes them perfect for special occasions; at the same time, they don’t need excessive embroidery to give them a glamorous look. Thus they have an understated elegance which matches the masculine vibe men look for in their clothes.

In terms of colors, too, a lot of new hues are becoming popular. For Pakistani men, dresses are typically within the white to orange range of colors, with beige, brown, black, dull green and light yellow being crowd favorites. However, nowadays you’ll find startling color combinations like a black kurta with purple embroidery or an orange sherwani with silver designs.

These colorful clothes look great for parties, weddings and festivals. They should be teamed up with colorful jutis or mojaris and crushed crepe men’s dupattas for a head to toe ethnic effect.

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