Stylish Printed Tunics

Stylish Printed Tunics

Printed tunics are a great fashion statement as they can be paired with a variety of indo western bottoms to create different looks. These tunics are the ideal outfit for women who go for contemporary western clothing with an interesting ethnic twist. This is one of the primary reasons why these tops are loved and coveted by women across the globe. In terms of aesthetics, these tops resemble the cuts of a t-shirt or blouse and can end anywhere between the hips and the knees.

One of the best things about wearing these kinds of outfits is that they are extremely versatile and can be worn for semi-formal and informal events during the day and night, depending on the style. A printed tunic that may incorporate the leopard print can be ideal for the night as animal prints usually look better in an evening setting. However, depending on the style of this tunic, they can be worn during the day as well. Similarly, a tunic that has mostly floral prints can be worn during the day for an informal brunch or even to the work place. These garments can be worn by working professionals and women who are in college as they are so versatile and can be easily incorporated into any given look. With the latest trends focusing on mixing and matching styles from different genres of clothing, many women are also pairing their tunics with bottoms from Indian ethnic fashion to create an interesting and unique look. These are one of the most diverse tops that can be worn as they can exude a wide variety of auras when paired with different items from the wardrobe. Thus, these are immensely popular garments.

A printed tunic dress refers to a long tunic that can be worn as a dress or even with leggings or stockings to create a look that is similar to the popular t-shirt dress that has been trending for a while. On the other hand, when the term printed tunic tops is used, it is generally referring to shorter tunics that end at the waist itself. Printed tunic dresses are most commonly worn during the summer months since they are short and bare skin. When worn in the winter, that is early or fading winter, they can be paired with warm leggings and a jacket to keep warm.

Floral printed tunics are one of the most feminine styles of tunics that are available in the market as they are filled with floral patterns. They tend to exude femininity. These are very comfortable to wear during the spring and summer months. Floral patterns are generally considered to be in vogue during these seasons.

Digital printed tunics are also a popular variant in this regard. They are similar to what one may call a graphic tee. These have images or logos that are digitally printed onto the base of the fabric and can also sometimes have a word or certain phrases written on them. These are ideal for women who are younger, like women in college, as they are not necessarily appropriate for workplaces where there is a formal environment, or formal attire is an imperative. You can also wear them for casual dos over the weekend as well; however, they should be age appropriate.

Designer printed tunics are known for incorporating both western and Indian ethnic styles into the design itself to create looks that appeal to audiences from all over the globe. It is interesting to note that this can be shown in the embroidery or patterns of the clothes or in the way the garment is cut and styled when worn. Thus, in a sense, these are extremely versatile pieces of clothing to own in one’s wardrobe. A designer tunic is also usually considered more appropriate for formal wear as the general assumption is that they are designed while keeping a formal event or occasion in mind (as many times, when the word designer is used loosely, it can refer to clothes that are appropriate for a comparatively formal occasion, and not necessarily the price tag or the name tag of the garment).

Styling a Printed Tunic

Printed tunics look great when worn with indo western bottoms as they are designed to accompany them. Apart from jeans, this is the obvious route to take when it comes to styling these interesting colored leggings. They can be used to create a unique look with tops. Some women also pair them with colored salwars to create a funky indo western look.

In terms of accessories, printed tunics can be paired with almost any type of casual Indian jewelry pieces like silver pendants, wooden necklaces, tribal jewelry, dokra earrings, oxidized metal bangles and anklets. The designs on the tunic itself should be considered before selecting the type of jewelry worn.