Exciting Salwar Kameez Fashion

Exciting Salwar Kameez Fashion

Salwar kameez have been worn in India for many centuries and are considered one of the most traditional, beautiful and comfortable garments in ethnic fashion. Though this outfit has been around for many years and is available in a million different traditional forms and versions, it is also a hot favorite with trendy and modern fashionistas. Salwar kameez fashion changes with the times and what is considered fashionable in one decade may be considered outdated in the next. At the same time, there are certain classic styles that have emerged that would be considered fashionable no matter what the occasion and requirement.

Salwar kameez have been seen as glamorous outfits for many decades but it was only in the early 2000s that they really came into their own as evening wear outfits. This is because of all the new fashion salwar kameez styles that were seen on designer ramps, runways and collections. Designers chose to make this gorgeous, flattering, three-piece outfit their muse and consequently a lot of new designs and varieties were suddenly seen in the market. The renewed interest in this versatile outfit also led to a lot of trendy salwar kameez designs that were inspired by traditional, regional handicrafts and vintage silhouettes. Thus a lot of the latest salwar kameez fashion is as much a renewal of ancient and vintage designs as it is an innovation of new styles.

Some of the latest salwar kameez trends include beautiful silhouettes which improve upon the traditional straight-cut fit and offer a fun alternative for women during busy party and wedding seasons when a different ethnic fashion outfit is required for every event. The most popular and easily recognizable is the anarkali silhouette which has become a huge trend in salwar kameez fashion. This is essentially a silhouette in which the upper part of the kameez (upper body garment) is very close fitting while the lower part flows out in an inverted umbrella shape. Inspired by the clothing worn by courtesans in the Mughal era, the anarkali silhouette is included in almost all types of trendy salwar kameez designs today. In fact, the anarkali has gone beyond its ephemeral appeal as a transient trend; it is today considered a wardrobe staple and a classic ethnic wear choice for any party or function. New fashion trends in salwar kameez favor full sleeves, high necks and floor length designs for the kameez, but anarkali silhouettes have lost none of their appeal, with designers and customers alike. Instead, the anarkali cut is incorporated into these new, regal looking silhouettes, resulting in the emergence of new fashion salwar kameez such as the floor length anarkali suit and the Pakistani shalwar kameez. Besides the anarkali, other modern silhouettes such as the mermaid cut and the a-line cut have also become quite popular and are usually preferred for special occasions as they tend to have a more chic, sensual look as compared to the traditional straight cut.

Besides the silhouette and cut, there are many other aspects of salwar kameez fashion that can vary with the seasons. For instance, until a couple of decades ago, the choice of fabrics in salwar kameez would be limited to silk and cotton textiles, with a few rayon, polyester and viscose choices available for those who wanted a more modern look. Today the situation has completely changed as designers have embraced a vast range of modern fabrics such as chiffon, georgette, crepe, satin, velvet, net, tissue and organza to create new fashion salwar kameez. At the moment, georgette and chiffon, along with layered open fabrics such as net and tissue are considered immensely fashionable and are available in a lot of beautiful varieties. There is also a lot more mainstream focus and attention on fashionable salwar kameez made with traditional, regional fabrics and weaves such as Chanderi, Chikankari and Banarasi textiles. The same goes for traditional work including resham, zari, zarodosi, ek taar, aari, booti, phulkari and beads work, which are used along with modern sequins and stones embellishments to create exquisite, attractive designs on fashionable salwar kameez.

Trendy Styling of Indian Salwar Kameez

The latest salwar kameez fashion is not just about dressing up in stylish silhouettes and donning exquisitely decorated fabrics; styling and accessorizing is key to creating a fashionable salwar kameez look. For instance, a hit red carpet look that can easily be replicated for parties and weddings is the chandelier earrings and anarkali suit look. This works especially well when the suit comes decorated with stone and crystal work which complements the sparkling beauty of a pair of statement earrings made of high quality crystals, zircon or gem stones. Most women today choose to go with a more minimalistic look with trendy salwar kameez designs, allowing the outfit to be the center of attention rather than the jewelry. For this purpose, classy pearl jewelry sets, crystal pendants and Meenakari bangles are a good choice.