Comfort and Convenience with Salwar Suits

Comfort and Convenience with Salwar Suits

Salwar suits are arguably one of the most comfortable garments worn in India. This garment comprises of a thigh or knee length kurti along with a salwar, which is similar to balloon pants, and a dupatta or a stole. This ensemble is worn widely throughout India by women of all ages and demographics. More often than not, it is made of cotton which is one of the most comfortable fabrics to wear, especially in the summer months. The lightness of the fabric combined with the loose cut of the garment makes it extremely easy to wear and carry through a long day.

Salwar suit designs are filled with contemporary and traditional forms of designs made using different types of work such as embroidery, printing (hand block and machine), tie dye effects, and stones or beads embellishments. At times, mirror work is also spotted on these garments. The salwar suit design for garments geared towards casual wear will typically be a bit lighter, incorporating bright and vibrant prints as well as delicate embroidered designs. For formal or office wear women usually prefer salwar suits design that is more sober, but with some amount of vibrancy in the form of the print or the borders. The salwar suits design that is most popular at the moment is the anarkali cut, which is a very feminine and flattering look that can be worn for any kind of event.

A salwar suit is worn by women from all walks of life. Working professionals are seen wearing more of a crisp and formal salwar suits designs to work. These are usually made of different types of fabrics such as cotton, silk, cotton silk, chiffon, georgette, velvet and many more. When accompanied with a matching duppata, this outfit looks great in a formal setting such as the work place. Younger college students are also seen wearing salwar suits for women as well. They tend to purchase different kurti tops and different sets of suit salwar designs in order to create an interesting mix and match effect that focuses on highlighting their individuality. The dupatta for them is purely an aesthetic choice and is sometimes avoided to create a more independent and modern look. Since this garment is so popular, unlike other ethnic attires, they are seen as cool contemporary outfits as opposed to boring ethnic clothes by the younger crowd, which inspires them to wear this more.

Older women who are married also prefer wearing this outfit over others, though the salwar suit patterns may be a little more conservative than usual. They prefer the suit salwar because of the comfort of the garment and the ease of movement that it allows.

Styling the Salwar Suit

The salwarsuit can be styled in a variety of different ways that make it interesting to wear and can help different women assert their personalities easily. Younger working professionals who are creative as well as younger college students are known for their mix and match style and this pertains to their choice of jewelry as well. Beaded jewelryas well as chunky street jewelry or junk jewelry are great options when choosing this style as they heighten the somewhat bohemian look that comes from dressing in this way. Beaded necklaces as well as long dangling earrings are quite popular in this demographic along with big rings as well. While traditional bangles are not worn when going for this look, contemporary bangles made of beads or stones as well as bracelets are usually considered instead. This kind of bohemian jewelry should only be chosen after ensuring the design of salwar suit matches with it. With more formal suits, it is best to opt for more formal gold, silver or stone studded jewelry.

The beauty of the salwar suits in India is that they can be worn with any type of footwear. High heeled shoes lend a slightly formal air to this look while flat V shaped footwear makes it look a little more laid back. Women, on the whole, enjoy wearing flip flops with this garment as well as Indian shoes known as juttis when they want to heighten the ethnic look. At times, in terms of accessorizing for this ethnic look, a bindi is added to the attire to look more traditional and demure.

Indian handbags can be carried with this outfit though some consider them far too ethnic for an outfit that is meant to be so casual. Therefore, more often than not, people use western handbags along with this outfit. However, for a slightly more bohemian look, women also carry jholas, which are a type of embroidered Indian slingbag that add to the look. With formal wear salwar kameez, women can opt for stylish embroidered potlis or sequin clutch bags.