The Fluid Silhouettes Of Satin Salwar Kameez

The Fluid Silhouettes Of Satin Salwar Kameez

Salwar kameez is one of the most versatile and comfortable clothing items from and in India. Their genesis includes Persian travelers, merchants and Mughal rulers. With the passage of time, they were absorbed into the very fabric of Indian culture. Today, salwar kameez is worn by women belonging to different regions and classes. They cater to a variety of occasions, from festivals and parties to every day wear.

Their versatility and popularity is such that even women with more western tastes like to wear them occasionally. In fact, this is why many high profile fashion designers are constantly experimenting with the look, structure and design of the outfit so as to create new and innovative varieties for women to wear.

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This experimentation extends not just to the design and cut but also to the fabrics used. Besides the traditional silk and cotton, you can also find modern fabrics like georgette, chiffon and crepe for creating glamorous, contemporary salwar suits. Satin salwar kameez, in particular, has become incredibly trendy in the market ever since designers first introduced them in their special collections.

Glossy, smooth satin

Satin is a type of woven fabric characterized by a distinctive glossiness and sheen. It is extremely smooth with a very fluid texture and appearance. It is woven using a special technique that minimizes light-scattering. It invariably creates the shining appearance that makes satin famous.

Satin has been used in western culture for many years to create high-end, fancy evening clothes. However, in India, it has only recently become a popular fabric. With the advent of globalization and international percolation of fashion trends, designers from every country are being inspired to create fusion garments that fuse elements from different cultures. Satin salwar suits are a great example of this trend.

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The main appeal of these outfits is that they combine comfort with elegance along with immense style and beauty. The smooth material feels cool and comfortable against the skin and can be worn in winter and summer. Combined with the easy fit and comfortable structure of the salwar, it makes the satin salwar a superb choice for women who want to look stylish without affecting the comfort factor.

There are many varieties and types of satin salwar kameez online and in stores. The advent of online shopping has made it very easy for people around the world to get their hands on elegant, trendy ethnic outfits of all types. They can be quickly selected, purchased and delivered right to your doorstep.

Satin silk salwar kameez is one of the most popular sub-types. These are made of silk satin, the finest variety of satin in the market. They are typically preferred for parties or other special occasions where you wear fancy clothes, even if you choose to go with ethnic options like salwar kameez. Satin silk salwar usually comes with elegant designs and patterns, which entail exquisite Indian embroidery and embellishments styles.

The great thing about Indian satin salwar kameez is that they come with traditional designs along with modern ones. You can find pretty, straight-cut suits made of satin, which are perfect for low-key parties along with elegant net and satin anarkalis decorated with intricate borders. Satin is a very luxurious and classy material, so it does not necessitate much additional work to make it attractive and beautiful. Plain satin suits have a very graceful and flattering look.

A satin kameez is often paired with printed cotton salwar and a net or tissue dupatta for creating an interesting visual aesthetic. One of the most gorgeous types of satin salwar kameez is those with a floor length kameez, decorated with big zari borders.

Style tips

Satin salwar suits have become extremely trendy in recent years, but in order to pull them off, it is important to style them correctly. The fusion, indo-western aesthetic of these outfits will pair well with certain distinct types of jewelry. Heavy, traditional jewelry would be a total mismatch. Instead, women should opt for understated but elegant jewelry pieces like pearl necklaces, diamond bracelets, Polki earrings and silver pendants.

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Women should keep the satin salwar kameez designs in mind before accessorizing and styling. Thus, a satin suit with large gold borders will sync well with golden sandals and a gold potli; but a plain blue outfit will look better with a white or black pair of heels sandals and black clutch.

The beauty and delicate sheen of satin can further be emphasized by pairing it with minimal jewelry and going for an elaborate, old fashioned type of hair-do complete with ringlets and buns. If traditional jewelry is required to complement the occasion (such as a wedding), dangling earrings with Kundan or Polki designs would be a good choice.