Amazing Sharara Indian Dress

Amazing Sharara Indian Dress

One of the most popular and contemporary forms of garments to come out of the Indian subcontinent is the sharara. As a term, Indian dress tends to inspire an image of a fairly conservative, albeit beautifully crafted garment that comprises some of the most elegant forms of embroidery or print. It is considered to be quite exotic by women all over the world. However, when it comes to the sharara, the entire idea still holds true despite being fairly conservative in design. The sharara is a unique outfit that comprises a pair of loose pants, which flair slightly at the bottom. The cut of these pants allows a certain amount of duality in terms of the looks. If you look at it from a distance, these pants may appear as an A line skirt. However, if you look closely, you will find that they resemble pants. Though the outfit itself originated many years ago and can be clubbed under the category of traditional Indian ethnic garments along with many other outfits that originated in the same era, it is considered to be fairly modern because of not only the usage of pants but also the fact that this is normally paired with a choli. The choli is a short kurta that bares the midriff and is often seen as a part of the popular lehenga choli ensemble. When paired with the sharara, it showcases a slightly westernized look, which is similar to the effect created by loose palazzo pants and a well fitting crop top. This is one of the reasons why this garment is so popular amongst women of all age groups and is so much in demand from women all over the world.

Sharara suit designs can vary on the basis of the fabric used to create the garment and the cuts and overall embroidery. Chiffon shararas are extremely delicate and far more free-flowing than any other type of shararas in the market. Due to the delicate nature of the fabric, it is also designed with light embroidery that does not threaten to tear or weigh too heavily on the garment. Similarly, silk shararas look extremely stately because of the nature of the fabric and can withstand any heavy embroidery or print created on it. This is one of the most interesting aspects about a sharara – the fact that they can be made with the help of almost any fabric or any embroidery or style.

The sharara is only suitable for formal occasions as this garment is far too dressy to be worn for casual occasions. They are mostly seen at weddings and ceremonies where women are required to dress up and look their best. Designer sharara suits are the most intricately created forms of outfits and are meant to be worn extensively at such functions. They are made with heavy embroidery and even patterns.

Another popular style of the sharara is the sharara salwar kameez. In this form, while the style of the pants remains the same, they are accompanied by a kurta top as opposed to a choli top. This can be worn for the less formal occasions as well. Although women tend to prefer the variant that incorporates the choli in the design, the sharara style salwar kameez is also a fairly popular version of this garment. Thus, in terms of sharara salwar kameez designs, most garments are found with slightly simpler embroidery or patterns as they are designed for semi-formal events.

Styling the sharara Indian dress

Since most sharara suit designs are created in a way that makes them mostly suitable for formal occasions or events like weddings or ceremonies, it is only pertinent that they be paired with formal accessories in order to complete the look in a comprehensive manner. This means that Indian jewelry is the most ideal form of jewelry that can be paired with this outfit. These jewelry forms are extremely intricate and elaborate, which makes them ideal for formal events. Kundan sets, meenakari sets and polka sets are the most commonly seen forms of jewelry in these occasions since they have a stately aura. Comparatively speaking, western forms of jewelry like diamond sets, emerald sets and ruby sets can also be worn with this garment as they are equally opulent and popular.

Most women prefer wearing high heeled shoes like stilettos with the sharara as it makes the pants look longer and ultimately, the women taller as well. However, it is not unheard of for women to pair this with flat V shaped footwear as well in order to tone down the overall effect.