Regal silk sarees

Regal silk sarees

Silk sarees are one of the most highly coveted sarees to come out of the Indian subcontinent. These are, as the name suggests, made of silk and are therefore considered to be quite exquisite. Sarees made of silk have a certain sheen to them which contributes to their riches. The material itself is usually very sturdy and looks fantastic when worn. There are many variants of silk sarees to be found in India and most of these variants refer to the region of origin of the saree, which adds value to the garment itself. For instance, the Banares silk saree is considered to be one of the best sarees in terms of quality of fabric as well as design to be found in India. The popular variant from the South – Kanjeevaram silk sarees are also highly well known and considered to be on the same level as the Benaras saree. This is mainly because these sarees are made of pure silk and are therefore made from a higher grade of fabric than other sarees. Pure silk sarees are definitely considered to be a little up-market as well because of this.

Traditional silk sarees have a slightly stiff look to them and usually incorporate less embroidery or print work. Any embellishments on these sarees are usually carried out on the border of the body as well as the sleeves and neckline of the blouse worn beneath. On the other hand, designer silk sarees are a little more lavish. They use a variety of prints and embroideries to add patterns and designs onto the body of the saree as well as the blouse. Furthermore, these sarees also take into considered western aesthetics and contemporary fashion during the designing or the creation process. This means that the blouses used in these sarees can have short sleeves, be sleeveless, and have halter backs and so on, keeping abreast with these trends. The traditional variants tend to be a little modest. The latest silk sarees are made with these trends kept in mind in order to appeal to the younger generation. They are also available in blended forms in order to make them more affordable. One such blend is the popular cotton silk fabric which emulates the plus points of both, cotton and silk together. This is a great way to manage the budget too.

When looking for the latest silk saree designs, most women prefer to hunt down silk sarees online. This is mostly because of the numerous boons of shopping online such as being able to view an extensive collection all in one go, having things delivered right to your doorstep and being able to compare two competing brands without going from one store to another in order to do so. Therefore, when looking for a silk saree, online shopping comes across as the best possible way to find exactly what is needed. It is also easier to get information about the garments.

Raw silk sarees as well as blended fabrics can both be found and purchased online as well as through regular stores. These sarees are commonly found in ethnic apparel sections. As sarees are the quintessential Indian ethnic attire, more and more women think of it as the perfect ensemble to wear for an ethnic themed evening. Many women also wear sarees on a daily basis however, silk sarees are mostly ideal for formal occasions or evening based events as they are so heavy and rich in nature. This makes them ideal for events such as festivals, celebrations and fancy weddings.

Styling a silk saree

Silk sarees can be styled quite easily as there happens to be a quick and easy way to style saree properly. To start with, once the saree is tied, the jewelry is determined on the basis of how heavy or light the saree is. Since silk sarees are heavier and richer than most, wearing proper Indian jewelry is a good idea. This includes sets made of gold, Kundan and Meenakari or any other typically Indian form. These can come in the forms of necklaces, earrings, cummerbunds, rings and nose rings and can be worn quite easily.

When wearing a saree, the best footwear option is to wear high heeled shoes such as stilettos or platform shoes as they add to the fall of the saree. Most sarees look quite graceless when paired with flat shoes. Similarly, handbags need to be picked with care. Embroidered or studded clutches as well as silk pouches are quite ideal for this ensemble as they tie in the ethnic vibe together. Wearing a western handbag is not a good idea though. To add a bit more to the ethnic flavor of this ensemble, women can also wear a bindi as well.