Indian Salwar Kameez Wholesale

Indian Salwar Kameez Wholesale

Fashion is one of the fastest growing industries in India. As clothing styles and trends become an integral part of the average person’s daily life, retailers find a larger and more loyal customer base for their products.

This is one reason why wholesale buying and selling, a traditional business practice in India, has become an important aspect of many new-age fashion retail models as well.

There is an international appeal as well, as those in foreign countries may find it more cost-effective to stock up on different Indian fashions rather than order individually one by one. This is especially relevant for big celebrations like weddings, where a lot of Indian outfits are required for a few days.


In terms of garments, wholesale salwar kameez are probably the most popular, perhaps because salwar suits tend to be highly favored for a wide variety of events, from weddings and ceremonies to parties and casual dates. The main benefit of buying salwar kameez wholesale is that one can get a substantial cost reduction without in any way compromising on the style and beauty.

For salwar kameez suppliers, wholesale purchasing is a great way to sell off a large amount of their products at once. This is why they can afford to set the prices quite low even for trendy and lavish articles of clothing. While old-fashioned merchants might reserve this type of selling either for the ‘early birds’ or as part of a post-season sale, modern brands are open to providing a much more customized experience.

Hence, as long as the customer requires enough pieces to count as ‘wholesale’, they can buy in bulk at any time of the year. Online retailers offer a wide variety of Indian salwar kameez wholesale and those abroad who want a well-stocked ethnic wardrobe despite the lack of Indian clothing stores nearby find this a very convenient option.

Variety of salwar kameez

One can get a wide range of trendy and cheap salwar kameez online made of fabrics like cotton, faux georgette, faux chiffon, polyester, khadi and rayon. It is not necessary to have the same ‘type’ of outfit either.

From printed geometric shapes and stripes to ethnic tribal designs, from subtle Resham embroidery to bold and colorful tie and dye motifs, a casual wear salwar can sport a number of different decorations that salwar kameez wholesalers can offer at shockingly cheap rates.

On the other end of the scale, customers can also purchase designer salwar kameez wholesale. Again, they will not find themselves limited in terms of fabrics, colors or designs.

Expensive fabrics like silk, velvet, pure crepe, pure chiffon, pure georgette, net and satin are often used to make designer salwar suits; they also come with the more intricate and decorative forms of embroidery and ornamentations, like zari, Zardosi, aari, booti, cut dana, stones, sequins, appliqué and so on.


This means that while an individual piece might be very high-priced, wholesale purchasing can prove to be very cost-effective.

A commonly-held myth is that wholesale salwar kameez have to be unstitched or uncut. While some people may prefer them in this form so that they can customize the fit as per individual requirements, most suppliers today recognize the fact that modern women may not have the time or inclination to get this stitching done.

Thus customers can also get ready made salwar kameez wholesale in a varied range of sizes, cuts and patterns, which will not require any extra stitching before wearing.

Wholesale salwar kameez for all occasions

Wholesale salwar kameez are often purchased by women at the beginning of the season, as a quick and easy way to create a complete ethnic wardrobe without spending a whole lot of time and money.

Obviously the major types of suits purchased would be more semi-formal or even casual, suited for daily life. Along with the salwar kameez they can also go for some interesting casual wear accessories like oxidized necklaces, terracotta jewelry, stone studded pendants and metallic bangles. With just a few such pieces, women can mix and match different salwars and kurtas to create an array of different looks.

During grand weddings involving a lot of ceremonies and functions, the bride’s and groom’s family often prefer to get salwar kameez wholesale. At such occasions, all the guests, the wedding party and family members are expected to dress up in ethnic clothes and sometimes these outfits have to be gifted as well.

However it may be difficult or very expensive to source appropriately ornate and beautiful salwar kameez on a one-to-one basis; in that case, wholesale purchasing can be the saving grace.

Moreover, different outfits are required for different wedding ceremonies and by going wholesale one can almost set up a mini-shop in the wedding house, where people can come and collect their outfits. The same goes for festivals as well.