Zari Work Sarees: The Golden Drape Of Your Wardrobe

Zari Work Sarees: The Golden Drape Of Your Wardrobe

‘Zari’ is the term used for a fine gold or silver thread, used in the traditional garments of India, Pakistan and Persia. The tradition of zari was started in India in the Mughal era. This thread is used to create intricate patterns woven into different types of fabrics, especially silk, and this method of weaving and embroidery can be quite difficult to achieve. It is the prominent technique in pure zari saris.

Ultra exquisite zari work

Real zari sarees earlier had intricate patterns of the zari thread made of real gold or silver but now zari sarees are typically not created using expensive true metals. Earlier these metals were much cheaper than they are now. The industrial revolution introduced many developments in techniques, and now zari saris can be classified into three types: real zari saris, imitation zari sarees and metallic zari sarees.


Different types of colors and other kinds of chemicals are used now to produce the silver or golden hue in gold zari sarees and silver zari sarees. They are also lighter and more durable than the traditional zari sarees. Nowadays, the zari thread comprises of three important components (ultra fine silver wire, silver thread and gold coating) that have been put together with different types of processes, like spinning and gliding.

Zari sarees

If one is looking for a classic and vibrant zari saree, Jaipur is the one place in India which is globally known all over the world for its special hand-work zari saree designs. One can find gorgeous saris that are woven and embroidered keeping in mind the high-end occasions and festivals where they are typically worn. They are rich and are available in bold colors which also make them apt for bridal wear. In fact Jaipur is regarded as one of the hubs for many different types of saris that never fail to give a traditional and regal look.

The city of Surat in Gujarat is the world’s largest producer of different types of zari in the form of ribbons, borders, threads etc. Apart from this, zari products are also found in Madurai, Bangalore, Nagpur, Chennai and other cities. The southern part of India is known as the largest consumers of gold and silver zari threads.


Saris are evergreen ethnic wear and a crucial part of the bride’s attire in India. Zari saris are the ideal choice for a would-be bride. Even modern women who want to look elegant and at the same time try new trends love experimenting with the latest zari patterns.

Designer zari sarees which are heavily embroidered with beautiful patterns would look beautiful at a wedding. Zari stone saris or zari gold saris are a very glamorous option, often coming in different colors and with innovative designs. Another trending zari sari perfect for weddings is the pure silk patola zari stone saree, woven intricately with pure zari and fine silk threads.

Style tips


Sophisticated zari saree blouse designs can be found in different styles which would be suited for different occasions and would go well with varying saree types. For instance, a heavily embroidered blouse is an ideal option for weddings whereas a simple blouse with lightly woven patterns can be worn for any casual event or in day to day life.

One simple trend that never goes out of fashion is to wear a simple plain saree with a heavy blouse decorated with designs in zari and other embroidery. On the other hand, pale delicate borders on cotton blouses provide a rich and classic look and will pair well with heavy sarees.

beaded-earrings golden-chanbali golden-chandelier-earrings

When wearing gold or silver zari sarees one should pay special attention to the jewelry. It should match the outfit as overdoing the jewelry can make a stunning zari saree look tacky. When wearing a plain zari saree one should always keep the jewelry light and simple.

Add either large dangle earrings or stud earrings with a simple gold or silver chain and a few bangles. A silver zari saree will always look good with silver jewelry and the same goes for gold. Another beautiful accessory that goes well with a zari saree is a bindi. For a long face, a round bindi would suit, while for a heart shaped face a small bindi should be selected. With a plain zari saree, a decorative bindi with artistic designs would be the best bet.