Classic Georgette - Flowy & Fabulous

Classic Georgette - Flowy & Fabulous

Faux georgette is one of the most popular types of fabrics in ethnic fashion today. As the name suggests, it is an artificial version of georgette made of twisted yarns of rayon, polyester or nylon rather than silk. At one point in time, most designers and craftsmen in India had no idea what is faux georgette or what its unique appeal was.

In the last couple of decades, however, various modern or western fabrics like chiffon, crepe and georgette have become a staple in Indian fashion and have become just as popular as traditional silk and cotton fabrics. Of these, faux georgette fabric is probably the most in-demand because of its balanced combination of versatility, beauty and comfort.

Versatile for every season & every outfit

Faux georgette material is uniquely suited to Indian fashion as it is suitable to be worn in all kinds of weather conditions and can be easily embroidered, embellished and printed upon. Light and floaty in its appearance, faux georgette fabric is also quite sturdy and durable. It offers a lot of comfort for the wearer as it is both soft and breezy.

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There are many different types of faux georgette sarees, from vibrant Rajasthani Bandhani sarees to embroidered designer sarees. Prints show up beautifully on the soft and transparent georgette fabric, which is why all types of ethnic prints such as Batik, Madhubani and Dabu are used to decorate faux georgette sarees.

On the other hand, modern prints inspired by art deco or abstract art also look great on this fabric. The translucent nature of the faux georgette saree also makes it a good choice to pair with ornate or designer blouses.


Faux georgette is also used to make salwar kameez of all types. The combination of faux georgette with the anarkali silhouette creates a very beautiful and flattering effect which is why the faux georgette anarkali is one of the most popular designer garments in the market. These come in a multitude of beautiful colors like turquoise, fuchsia, saffron and neon green and also come with embroidered designs and glittering zari work embellishments.


It has a very lovely semi-transparent appearance and drapes beautifully over the female figure, enhancing the best aspects of the body and thus making the wearer look and feel extremely elegant.

Moreover, since faux georgette is made by twisting yarns of artificial materials like rayon rather than silk, it is more affordable than pure georgette and does not burn a hole in the pocket. Women can browse stylish and pretty faux georgette garments for all kinds of occasions, from glitzy weddings to formal office parties.


The popularity of faux georgette in Indian fashion is mainly indicated by the fact that it is now used to create all types of garments, from regional sarees to modern, designer salwar kameez. The faux georgette saree is a very trendy item, preferred by women in urban centers for its beautiful combination of modernity and tradition.

Faux georgette is also a popular fabric for indo western garments like kurtas and tunics. Its light and comfortable feel is perfect for such trendy summer wear garments.


Faux georgette tunics are often printed with bright and vibrant motifs inspired by ethnic art, including peacocks, fruits, flowers and birds. Western style prints of stripes, polka dots, animal prints and geometric shapes can also be seen, and are sometimes accentuated with subtle sequins or beads work.

Never going out of fashion

Georgette is very fashionable right now and frequently used to create the most gorgeous, high fashion, designer garments as well as cool and funky options for everyday wear. Women love the versatility and adaptability it offers in terms of styling as it can be dressed up or down easily according to the requirements. This classic fabric is here to stay.

Style it right

When figuring out what is faux georgette fabric supposed to be worn with, women should focus on the look of the garment and the occasion at hand. For instance, with an embroidered magenta faux georgette salwar kameez intended for party wear, any type of subtle and elegant jewelry can be worn, such as a pearl necklace, crystal earrings or gold nath (nose-ring).

With a faux georgette tunic or kurta, women can opt for colorful beaded jewelry to balance against the soft and flowing look of the georgette fabric.


In terms of faux georgette sarees’ styling, the blouse is extremely important to the look. When wearing a faux georgette saree with blouse designs that are more ornate and traditional, women should ensure the saree itself is simple and understated, to create a more harmonious over all look.

Color blocking is a major trend in Indian fashion that can easily be incorporated by pairing up georgette sarees with blouses in contrasting colors. For instance, blue sarees can be matched with red blouses; yellow sarees can be matched with green blouses, and so on.