The Most Versatile Georgette Fabric

The Most Versatile Georgette Fabric

One of the greatest fashion gifts of the modern, industrial age, georgette is a springy, lightweight, translucent fabric distinguished by its strength and durability as compared to other thin and fine fabrics. Georgette fabric has a very unique look and feel. It has a crinkled appearance and an over-all bouncy appearance and is very fine and delicate to look at because of its thin, sheer feel.

It also has a dull-rough texture and is very strong and durable. It is created by weaving highly twisted yarns (similar to crepe) into a single fabric. These yarns can be made of a variety of materials. Pure, fine silk yarns are used to make pure georgette while synthetic materials like rayon, nylon, polyester are used to create faux georgette fabric.

Georgette was invented as recently as 1915, by an intrepid French fashion designer who wished to improve upon existing fabrics, specifically, chiffon. This is why these two fabrics have a lot of common factors. Like chiffon, georgette fabric is extremely thin and almost transparent, and it drapes beautifully as well; it is also woven using woven yarns of silk (in its purest form). What sets it apart is its strength and durability.

Embroidered Georgette Circular Lehenga in Navy Blue Embroidered Georgette and Net Abaya Style in Black Half N Half Georgette Saree in Beige and Mustard

Georgette fabric has a high tensile strength which is why it can easily be embellished and embroidered with different kinds of designs. It is also very absorbent and takes on, as well as displays, various hues beautifully. Another attractive feature of georgette fabric is its slightly bumpy texture which contrasts beautifully with its flowing drape over the body.

Variety Of Georgette Fabrics

There are many different types of georgette fabric in the market. The finest and most costly is the pure silk georgette fabric that has some of the distinctive sheen of silk which pairs well with the twisty, bumpy aesthetic of the fabric. Other variations such as nylon, rayon and polyester georgette are also very beautiful but don’t have that unique glimmer of silk. They are typically used to make more affordable, every day wear garments or cost effective versions of designer and/or party wear clothing.

Georgette Dresses

Georgette can be found in numerous hues, from soft, pastel shades of pink, blue, green and yellow to bright neon shades of red and purple. It is also a very easy to print on the fabric and it is often printed all over with vibrant prints of geometric shapes, floral prints etc. It has become huge hit in ethnic fashion because of this absorbency and is also appreciated because of its strength which can easily support heavy embellishments and embroidery.

An Indian georgette fabric dress often comes decorated with rich and opulent designs made from a combination of multiple Indian techniques and methods, such as Resham, zari, zardosi, ek taar, aari, booti etc. They show up beautifully against the bouncy and beautiful georgette fabric and provide a very visually attractive contrast with the flowing, clingy drape of chiffon.

Georgette Sarees

Embroidered Border Georgette Saree in Fuchsia and Orange Half N Half Georgette Saree in Navy Blue Patch Border Georgette Saree in Ombre Blue

Georgette fabric is used to make all types of western garments, such as tunics, shirts, dresses and even trousers. However, it is in ethnic fashion that it has truly become a fashion phenomenon. It is the perfect fabric for sarees because of its body hugging yet flowing drape and is often utilized to make the more modern, daring saree styles such as dual tone sarees, neon sarees, saree gowns etc. It is also used to make heavy outfits such as the lehenga choli. Georgette fabric can either be layered with other fabrics or used singly for its sheer and gorgeous beauty. It is not at all bulky, which is why it is so loved for layered clothing.

Salwar Suits

The most popular garment in India made with georgette fabric is the anarkali salwar kameez. The regal, elegant silhouette of this dress is beautifully complemented by the flattering drape of georgette. Since this dress is often preferred party wear, it frequently comes decorated with heavy stone, sequins and crystals embellishments.

It is not just formal or party wear outfits that can be created with georgette fabric. It can also be used for casual wear clothing such as kurtis, salwar kameez and tunics. Different types of printed georgette fabric with Indian motifs and tribal designs are used to make funky and flattering clothes causal and semi-formal wear.

Style Tips

Georgette is extremely trendy right now, especially in ethnic fashion. A majority of wedding wear dresses are embellished lehenga cholis and anarkali suits made with georgette fabric. With such formal, fancy types of outfits, it is best to go with more formal accessories. With georgette sarees, for instance, evening wear high heel sandals are the best choice as they enhance the drape of the sari and add to the glamour of the outfit. In terms of jewelry, one can opt for a variety of options, from ornate Kundan sets and Polki earrings to classy pearl earrings and gold necklaces. It all depends on the work done on the outfit itself.