Linen Fabric

  • One of the oldest woven fabrics of human history is nothing but linen fabric. The fabric is made out of fibers extracted from flax plant. Earlier, this material suited only the royal people’s wardrobe. The king’s robe was created especially from purple linen. Even the holy book of Christians that is Bible also mentions the importance of linen fabric used at various stages.
  • When it comes to cost, linen makes an expensive fabric to be made. The quality of the finished linen solely depends on the quality of plant. Found in the stalk, flax fibers are hand picked for preserving the fibers integrity. This makes yet another reason why flax is expensive. If performed correctly, separating the fibers forms a long and tedious task. Some of the flax is processed on cotton machines, however it results in lower quality finished fiber. Majority of the fabric flax is grown today in Western Europe and the finer quality linen derives from there as well.
  • If you wish to owe good quality linen then watch out for its softness and avoid that piece of cloth having small knots. Linen is one such kind of fabric that is moth resistant while helps in repelling dirt as well. The fabric can even absorb as well as lose water in a quick manner. It has also the quality to help perspiration away from the skin; however sweat can damage the fabric.
  • Modern outfits created out of linen are quite expensive due to linen’s expensive manufacturing and weaving process. But the thing that is good is that the fabric readily accepts any kind of dye and manufactured in a myriad of colors. It is a lightweight fabric thereby making it suitable to wear in spring and summers. The fabric appears crisp, cool and neat even on warmest days and can be washed in a home machine.
  • Despite several pros, there exist some cons also. Linen fabric has a tendency to wrinkle. Just sit down in linen slacks and you will come across horizontal creases appearing the front.
  • Even ironing the linen makes a difficult thing to work on. The iron has to have quite hot and have a steam setting. As otherwise, the person ironing the linen has to spritz the fabric with water to create steam. Linen can be ironed damp from the washer. A light spray starch can even be used on linen and also be ironed on the washing side of the fabric and can even be used as a pressing cloth for avoiding shiny spots.
  • Besides durable, linen garments need to be hung in a closet rather than folded away in a drawer. Linen fibers when folded in the same place quite often. The fabric tends to appear softer with wear and washing because roughness in the fabric will smoothen out in time.
  • Linen fabric mainly captures the men’s fashion segment. Majorly, men’s shirts are created out of linen fabric and offer a cool statement in summers.
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