Beautiful Polyester Fabric

Beautiful Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabric is an artificially produced fabric made with synthesized substances called polymers. The raw materials for making these polymers can be found in nature (for instance, in plant cuticles), or they can be chemicals which are brewed in laboratories. The basic chemical called polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is synthesized in factories and can be used for a wide variety of purposes, one of which is the creation of polyester fabrics. It is widely employed to make all kinds of clothes, from casual wear shirts and tunics to formal wear dresses and gowns. It began to be used as a textile in western countries decades ago and today, it has become a popular artificial fabric the world over. Many people are realizing the benefits of using artificial fabrics over natural fabrics and polyester is definitely the most popular in the artificial fabrics category.

There are many benefits offered by polyester fabrics, which is why they have become popular the world over in just a few decades. They are widely used in western as well as Indian fashion. Indian designers love them because of the fact that they can easily be dyed into different colors. This fits in well with the vibrant aesthetic of ethnic fashion. Despite being a very strong and resilient fabric it is very light weight and comfortable. It does not get spoiled by the sun, mildew or too much washing or wearing. Moreover, there are many different types of polyester fabric, each of which offers its own set of benefits. This is because polyester is often blended with other fabrics to create affordable, attractive materials that have the best qualities of both the base materials. It can, of course, be used alone in its pure form but this is not very common, especially in the world of ethnic fashion.

Polyester cotton is one of the most popular and commonly used varieties of this fabric. It is essentially a blend of cotton and polyester that is highly in demand for the versatility and comfort it offers. Cotton adds a certain amount of breathability to the fabric that counters the stiff, closed nature of polyester. Moreover, both these fabrics are very affordable so when combined, they create a very cheap polyester fabric. In ethnic fashion, this comfortable and lightweight polyester fabric is mostly used to create pretty kurtis, vibrant colored kurtas, salwar kameez, beautiful indo western tunics, cozy leggings and other such casual wear garments.

Silk polyester fabric is yet another commonly used variety of textile in India. This is a very pretty fabric that combines the subtle luster of silk with the smooth texture of polyester. It is very durable and strong, despite its beautiful appearance, and is hence the perfect base fabric for all kinds of affordable fancy clothing. From party wear tunics and kurtis to dresses, gowns, sarees and salwar kameez, it can be used for a variety of purposes. Another popular variety frequently used for formal or opulent clothing is satin polyester fabric that is made by blending smooth, shining satin with the strong and absorbent polyester.

Besides these fancy varieties, there are also simpler varieties such as rayon polyester fabric and nylon polyester fabric that are extremely affordable and strong. These are used to make shawls, stoles and other such accessories as well as shirts, kurtis and tunics. Knitted polyester fabric is another interesting variety that makes use of woven yarns of polyester filament to create textiles with a very unique aesthetic.

All these different types of polyester can be easily dyed which is why printed polyester fabric is extremely popular in Indian fashion. Various types of eye catching ethnic motifs such as floral vines, twigs, branches, trees, peacocks, lotus flowers, rural scenes, Madhubani art and Warli drawings (to name just a few) can be easily printed on to polyester fabrics in bright as well as muted colors. This creates a very interesting look for the fabric. The prints contrast well with the slightly shiny appearance of the fabric.

Varieties of Polyester Fabric

There are many different polyester fabric uses but in recent years, it has been most widely employed to make all types of affordable and beautiful garments. Though it is not considered a big part of high end fashion, it has definitely made its presence felt in the casual wear segment in India and abroad. Stylish kurtis, kurtas, sarees and salwar kameez made with different types of polyester fabrics are a great daily wear investment for women of all ages. Polyester is quite versatile and the fancier versions like silk polyester fabric and satin polyester fabric are often used to make beautiful party wear kurtis, tunics, sarees and salwar kameez. The sheen and beauty of these fabrics is bets complemented with pearl necklaces, diamond earrings and other such fancy jewelry. The more casual wear fabrics can be paired with silver jewelry pieces.