So Silky Viscose Fabric - Know Ways to Style it

So Silky Viscose Fabric - Know Ways to Style it

Viscose is one of the most sought after fabrics in 21st century due to its soft, velvety feel and regal look. It is an artificial fabric which means it is created artificially in laboratories and it does not occur naturally as a gift of nature like cotton, silk, georgette etc.

Smooth Textures

Viscose fabric has a silky appearance and texture, though it is breathable and soft like cotton and has a good drape as well. It is relatively light and is therefore a favored fabric for casual, every day wear clothes, though many people prefer it as a comfortable and pretty textile for formal clothing as well. The versatility and affordability of this fabric, combined with its many desirable qualities, makes it a hugely popular textile across the world.

Floral Printed Viscose Fabric with Embroidered Pattern

Viscose fabric is made of rayon and artificial fibers and therefore also known as rayon viscose fabric. However that does not mean that outfits made of viscose fabric shrink easily, or are uncomfortable to wear. These are popular misconceptions about this fabric which are not actually true. In fact the weaving of the fabric makes it quite comfortable to wear and carry off.

Breezy Fabric for Humid Weather

The open pores of the fabric enable make it very breezy which is why it is the best buy for humid Indian weather. Another good thing about viscose is that it dyes quite effortlessly and retains the color for long and therefore, it is an appropriate choice for making printed outfits.

Due to its strong ability to retain colors, viscose outfits are dyed in brightest and richest colors. One of viscose’s strengths is its versatility and ability to blend with many fibers. This is sometimes done to reduce cost and other times for luster, softness and comfort.

Another great thing about this fabric is that, viscose can be prepared in such a way to mimic the feel of various other kind of fabrics like polyester, cotton, silk, bamboo, linen etc. Sometimes different materials are also combined with it to create a different variety.

There are many different types of viscose fabric available for women to choose from. Cotton viscose fabric is one of the most popular for daily wear, along with linen viscose fabric, both of which are frequently used to create stylish, printed kurtas and embroidered kurtis for daily wear.

How To Style

The question of what is viscose fabric like has no one answer as there are so many different varieties and types. Each has its own appeal and would be appropriate in different situations. Designer viscose outfits like sarees, salwar kameez and lehenga cholis made of the finest, silkiest varieties of the fabric favored by women for evening wear and parties.

purple-viscose-saree red-gota-work-viscose-suit asymmetric-tunic-viscose


Viscose fabrics with a distinctive sheen such as polyester viscose fabric are often used to create stylish and beautiful sarees and have become one of the most in-demand fabrics when it comes to party wear or bridal outfits. Another interesting variation is the bamboo viscose fabric which has a very distinctive, coarse look and is used to create clothes with an artistic, bohemian vibe.

Viscose was also the first manufactured fiber. Unlike most man-made fibers, viscose is not synthetic. It is made from wood pulp which is a naturally occurring cellulose based raw material. As a result its properties are more similar to those of naturally occurring cellulosic fibers, such as cotton or linen, then those of thermoplastic, petroleum based synthetic fibers such as nylon or polyester.

Maintenance of Viscose Fabric

Caring for viscose is also quite simple and stress free, though certain rules have to be followed. When washing viscose fabric outfits, it is essential to use luke warm water and give it a hand wash without excessive twisting and wringing as this can cause the fabric to rip. For relatively unimportant items you can wash it in washing machine with delicate settings. Ironing requires medium settings with steam to remove wrinkles.

The poly viscose fabric is also a great variant which is highly in demand for its chic look. Moreover it is a very functional fabric as it neither shrinks nor is viscose fabric stretchy. Women looking for a great fabric to convert into a saree, for a wedding or a party, can choose to buy viscose fabric. It’s great for all the occasions and has a very classy and enchanting feel to it.

On the other hand, the ongoing trend of viscose fabric features beautiful patterns influenced by Indian and western motifs. These are frequently used to make versatile kurtas, kurtis and salwar kameez as well as tunics and dresses.

The classy look of this fabric, especially in its party wear avatar, is best matched with beautiful jewelry such as pearl jewelry, crystal necklaces, diamond earrings etc. which will add a chic touch to any outfit made with viscose fabric. High heel sandals are also a good choice with this fabric as they enhance the drape and silhouette beautifully.