How to Drape Rajasthani Style Saree

How to Drape Rajasthani Style Saree

The saree is one of the most elegant forms of attire to come out of India. These garments are extremely popular abroad and also extremely coveted because they create a mysterious and exotic aura around any woman wearing the garment. These are some of the reasons why sarees, no matter which part of the country they originate from, are one of the most ideal Indian ethnic attires to wear in order to create an ethnic look. For many women, the last word in elegance is a saree, which is another reason why they are so desired by women throughout the world.

Rajasthani Sarees, as the name suggests, originate from the Indian state of Rajasthan, which is the largest state in the country and is well known for its unique and easily identifiable fashion aesthetics, amongst other things. In fact, in terms of different styles of garments that are used in Indian Ethnic Fashion, Rajasthan happens to have quite a few different items that have created a huge impact on the fashion aesthetics of the country, one of these being the famous Angrakha. Rajasthani bandhani sarees are one of the most well known types of Rajasthani sarees. The word bandhani itself refers to tie dye, which is the traditional way of creating garments in both, Rajasthan and Gujarat. In this method, the individual threads of the fabrics are first tied together and then dyed in different shades of color, which ends up creating and extremely interesting visual effect when the garment is finally created. Another way to identify this type of garment is through the repetitive square patterns that are created. These are usually white in color and can have small circles made at the center of them though that is not always the case.

A Rajasthani style saree can also be worn for formal and semi formal events and occasions as there are many versions of these sarees that are created by keeping such events in mind. While the Rajasthani bandhani saree is usually associated with a more casual look because of the kind of patterns that are created by this method, these sarees have been spotted at weddings and other formal ceremonies as well. Rajasthani Sarees that are designed for a more formal event or occasion tend to be rich in terms of the fabric used as well as the work that is done on the garment itself. The patterns and motifs used are heavier and filled with embellishments and embroidery work throughout the body of the saree. These garments can be worn for night based social events such as parties or religious functions as well.

A rajasthani style saree is tied in the same way as all the other types of sarees are tied. To start with, once the petticoat is worn along with the blouse, the fabric is wrapped around the waist once. Then, pleats are created by hand at the waist and tucked into the petticoat at the front of the waist. The remaining fabric is then wrapped around the body and then draped over the shoulder. Thus, when wondering how to wear, Rajasthani saree or sarees should not pose any problems when it comes to draping the garment. The pallu of these sarees is usually where the heaviest embroidery is and due to this style of draping, it can be showed off quite easily.

Styling Rajasthani style saree

When wondering how to wear, saree in Rajasthan style designs can be paired with a variety of accessories in order to create an extremely interesting look. Traditionally, women pair these sarees with enamel jewelry that comes in the form of bangles or necklaces.

If you’re wondering how to wear Rajasthani style saree with modern footwear, many women choose to wear high heeled shoes in the form of platform shoes as well as stilettos in order to create a contemporary look with a traditional garment. While younger women do choose footwear such as these, older women tend to choose sandals with heels instead because they are more comfortable to wear and walk around in.

When it comes to the Rajasthani saree, draping tends to be traditional therefore finding accessories in the forms of handbags means matching the items with the work done on the pallu as that is one of the most noticeable aspects of the saree itself. Interesting Indian handbags such as cutdana handbags as well as mirror work handbags can be paired with this garment to make it all the more interesting visually.