Kappulu Style Sarees

Kappulu drape is one of the most alluring and elegant drape worn by old women of Kappulu caste.

The instructions about how to wear a Kappulu style saree is as follows:-
Starting, you must pick the end of the saree in right hand. You must tie the saree at the waist along with a knot at the waist’s left side. Now, you have to grab the start edge in the middle of width as well as tuck into the waist at the navel. After that, you need to arrange the folds in a neat manner round the left hip when they gather into the waist. The saree that is remaining will hang down on your left side. You have to fold it at the knot and then wrap the upper border to the center back, tucking into the waist. The saree for this part is wrong side out.

Now fold the saree at this center back point while wrapping it back around your waist to the front. This, has formed one big pleat at the center back. Now, the saree is again right side out. You can continue wrapping all the way around the front as well as right hip till your reach the center back again. You need to make sure to leave some ease in the top of the saree for keeping the grain straight. Now, hold the center back spot on the top border and then bring it around front.

This one that you are holding is the center back point. You can fold the saree at this point towards you and on the inside for forming the first pleat. The corner represents the place where folds of all pleats need to lie. Now, you have to form four to five narrow pleats towards the inside of the saree. After making a anise set of pleats, make sure to shake them out and line them up along the grain. After depending on the length of the saree that you are using, you can very well adjust the number of pleats and even their width in order to gain some length of cloth. Make use of right hand to grab the pleat stack and bring them back and tuck in to the waist. After that, you need to adjust the length for aligning the bottom borders.

Now, you have to tuck in the top border all the way around the waist as well as back to the left hip. After that, draw the remaining saree from the top border back from left to right as well as grasp in your right hand. Now, gather the bottom border towards the top in an informal pleats set converging at the right hip. Now, you have to leave some ease in the bottom border so that it doesn’t drag on the layer beneath it. However, avoid too much ease that it looks sloppy or billows out. Infact, there must be a nice curving arc from the bottom border to the waist.

Grab the bundle of pleats and twist it tight while tucking it into the waist at the right hip. This kind of twisted section must not be more than an inch or two. Make sure that it is enough to secure and tuck into the waist. This bundle does come out of waist towards the back start for fanning it back out a bit when you wrap it from the right hip towards the left. Although the borders might have twisted in the knot, however, the only thing to make sure is that you don’t twist the saree inside out. You need to form a nice fan of pleats across the lower back from the twist to the left side. Keep on wrapping the pleats around to the front as well as arrange nicely over your torso along with the bottom border thereby forming an harmonious arc on top of layer beneath it.

The pallu needs to be draped over the right shoulder and can hang free at the back or even drawn over the left shoulder for full coverage.