How to Tie Scarf

Scarves add shine to a plain outfit and therefore it becomes essential for any fashionable woman to know how to tie it.

Scarves do come in different fabrics and sizes. They come in silk, cotton and wool, to name a few. You can find scarves that are either square or rectangular, some being shorter in length while others quite long enough. There exist several ways of tying a scarf. You can keep on experimenting with this piece of cloth until you get the best results. The following are the ways how to tie the scarf:-

Keyhole scarf- It refers to a simple style working good with longer scarves. It looks pleasant with any material and doesn’t always need a clip or pin for securing it. It remains a perfect style for any occasion, any time of the year. For tying a scarf in a keyhole style, you need to first fold the scarf in a lengthwise position and wrap around the neck. After that, you have to keep the looped end at one side while make open the end on the other side. Now do allow the ends for falling at the place where you feel comfortable.

Simple dress knot scarf- This kind of style looks perfect when it comes to smaller, dressier scarf. You can make use of this style for a scarf that is created out of silk and rayon material. A simple dress knot tied scarf appears exquisite under an open collared blouse or even sweater. For tying, you need to firstly tie a knot in the middle of the scarf. After that, you need to secure the scarf behind your neck along with a knot that is loose. Now, adjust the front where you desire. You can also tie both the ends of scarf together in front while allowing the end falling off where you please. Such kind of style does resemble an ascot tie.

Silk Scarf- In order to tie a long silk scarf, you can drape it around the neck as well as make sure that the ends are even. You can even make a loose knot in front of your neck while allowing the ends either to hang in front of your neck or off to the side. Being with a small square scarf, you can fold it into the triangle and then into a two inch band. After that, you can finally drape around your neck while tyeing it into a knot. Finally, wear it around the neck as well as tie it into a knot.

Tie around hair- For a fun and trendy look, a short as well as thin scarf can be used around a ponytail and tie beneath. Now you must allow the ends for hanging down towards the back of your neck.

Thus, you can tie the scarf in any way you like and make your own style statement.

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