Learn How To Walk In High Heels

Learn How To Walk In High Heels

“I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot!” – These famous words were uttered by none other Marilyn Monroe herself, who made great contributions to the world of fashion in the 50s, including making wearing high heels a domestic affair. However, in spite of their immense popularity, almost every woman has wondered how to walk in high heels at some point or the other before they actually got used these styles of shoes at the end of the day. This is mainly because of the structure of the shoes themselves, which tend to elevate the ankles and heels of the feet while placing more pressure or weight at the front of the feet or the toes. Thus, for a novice who is just mastering the art of walking in high heels, striking the right balance can certainly be quite the task. It is not uncommon for people to hobble or even fall just when they are starting to wear heels. However, the entire aspect is not actually as difficult as it looks and once people get used to it, it really seems like child’s play.

When buying new shoes, it’s important to consider how to make high heels comfortable because it does take a while to break into the shoes. Many women use wads of cotton or bandages in order to place them strategically in the shoes at areas that they suspect may bite. As a result, they can help the shoe open up and get loosened without submitting their feet to blisters. It is always better to practice walking in new shoes before wearing them to an event to prevent them from being uncomfortable. A great way to do the same during the winter months is to also wear pop socks or stockings so that the material can absorb any extra shock that may otherwise cause welts on the feet. One of the most trustworthy tips for walking in high heels is to let your feet get used to different levels of elevation by started off with smaller heels (which can be 1-2 inches) such as pump heels before moving on to higher heels (which can be 4-6 inches) like platform shoes easily. This should certainly be kept in mind while learning how to walk in high heels without pain or any discomfort.

While learning how to walk in heels gracefully, it is important to understand how to distribute the weight of the body right at the center of the foot. There are different kinds of heels that vary in terms of ease of walking and the distribution of weight. For instance, wedge heels tend to have a lot of support under the base of the foot, which makes it easier for women to balance and walk while stilettos don’t have that kind of support and have a thin pencil like heel as well, which makes it hard to walk.

Learn How To Walk In High Heels in Different Attires

When wearing an elegant saree, it is extremely important to know how to walk properly in heels because the entire ensemble and the aura it creates depends entirely on how graceful you should while walking around in it. Platform shoes are worn by younger women along with chiffon sarees to create an extremely glamorous look. When paired with thick bangles and Indian necklaces, this can also be called a Bollywood inspired look. The trick to walking in high heels while wearing this attire is to ensure that the attire itself is not too heavy.

Floor length anarkali suits also look great with paired with high heeled stiletto shoes as they certainly accentuate the length and beauty of the skirt. Most women prefer pairing pencil heels with these garments because they add to the stature perfectly. Apart from these, ankle length anarkali suits are also a great idea when it comes to finding garments to pair with high heeled shoes successfully. An important thing to note is that the garment should match with the shoes well otherwise the entire ensemble can get completely ruined just because of one aspect.

When wearing high heeled shoes for formal occasions, it is important to accessorize well because the right accessories can also add a lot to the garment or ensemble at the end of the day. Interesting Indian necklaces, rings, earrings, nose rings or even toe rings can be worn with your garments.