Interesting Types of Salwar Kameez

Interesting Types of Salwar Kameez

One of the aspects that make salwar kameez extremely versatile is the fact that there are many different types of salwar kameez available in the market that can be worn by women across different demographics for different occasions. This is the quintessential Indian outfit mainly because it is so popular and different regions across the country have their own interpretations of this garment, which make it unique in each and every state. This garment can be made from any fabric that one desires, such as cotton, silk, cotton silk, velvet, georgette, chiffon and so on and can have almost any type of embroidery or print work done on it in order to create different garments and looks.

The history of salwar kameez as a garment is quite rich. This garment dates back to the pre-Mughal Era and was worn by everyone in the Indian subcontinent. The traditional salwar kameez set was invented in the Punjab region and is still extremely relevant when it comes to the Indian ethnic fashion world. It was an amalgamation of the tunic and loose pants worn by the Mughals and the draped outfits worn by the indigenous common folk. Today, it is worn by women almost on a daily basis and is considered to be one of the most comfortable garments to wear. This is something that helps setting it apart from other garments in the market.

When it comes to the traditional salwar kameez, there are three main components. The kurta is usually a knee length top that is slightly loose and is paired with salwar bottoms, which are essentially loose pants that are slightly flared. Due to this quality, these can be extremely easy to wear when the priority is comfort and ease of movement at all times. Paired with a matching dupatta, this is one of the most popular casual garments that can be worn. Most women in India prefer wearing this on a day to day basis as it can be worn anywhere, from college to work or even to parties quite easily. Though it is simple in its look, it has a huge demand with women of varying ages and tastes.

Depending on the different types of salwar kameez, history has different sources of inspiration noted down. For instance, a popular form of salwar kameez is the anarkali suit. This dates back exclusively to the Mughal Era and is considered to be one of the most opulent forms of this garment in the market. They are extremely heavy and rich and lend an extremely regal look to the person wearing the garment. This garment is characterized by the long kurta that is usually either ankle length or floor length. It has a tightly fitted bodice that flares out from under the empire waistline to create an interesting long skirt. This skirt usually has a lot of embroidery work done on it because it is one of the most distinctive and eye catching aspects of the garment. It is also heavy in terms of the weight of the garment.

When it comes to this type of salwar kameez, origin is easy to point out – many Mughal courtesans and members of the Royal family wore anarkali suits because of their strong Persian influence. These were later incorporated into other aspects of Indian ethnic fashion as well and are still considered to be both, culturally relevant and relevant in terms of fashion as well. While the regular salwar kameez is meant to be worn for more casual events (though some can be worn for formal events as well), the anarkali suit is designed for formal and semi formal events only.

Styling of Salwar Kameez

Styling these garments is extremely easy because they are highly versatile and can be worn for different events. When it comes to the casual salwar kameez set, most women wear this as casual attire. These can be accessorized well with colorful flip flops or even wedge heel sandals in order to gain some height. Interesting street jewelry can also be used to create a funky look that highlights the casual aspect of the garments. To add more ethnic touches to the garment, a light bindi can also be paired with this outfit.

When it comes to outfits that are meant for more formal occasions such as weddings or ceremonies, nothing comes close to the stunning anarkali suits. These garments are extremely opulent and can be paired with a variety of things to create an interesting look. As the skirt is the most visually striking component of the garment, it is best highlighted by donning a pair of high heeled shoes and making sure that the elevation adds to the looks of the kurta. Along with this, jewelry in the form of bangles, necklaces and earrings can look great.